Monday, September 10, 2018

Fun with Grey Grey

A fun Labor Day with Grey Grey. We ate catfish, pulled up peanuts to boil and went fishing. 

The Lion King

One of my favorite Disney movies. Mary and I saw it on broadway about 20 years ago...we saw it in Charlotte and it was still magical. 

1st Grade

So I was still a little tired from our trip and got the year wrong 😬


We had a great trip to Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park to end the Summer. We met our friends the Pearce’s and Wade and Max had a big time learning about the sea life and exploring the rocky coast line. 

Mike came down with a cold and opted out of our first night out. Wade enjoyed watching the lobster cracking but would not try it. 

It was overcast much of our trip but sooo much cooler than NC in August. There is nothing more this boy loves than climbing rocks. 

At low tide you can walk from Bar Harbor over to an island that is part of the NP.  This land bridge disappears as the tide rolls back in. 

Enjoying the view after the uphill hike!

Wade got another Jr Ranger badge for his quilt and Max earned his first. 

The highlight of the trip might have been Diver Ed’s Dive In theatre. I think the adults liked it as much as the kids. 

These goof balls insisted on swimming even though the water was in the 50’s

A great few days in Maine before starting first grade 

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Tsali Weekend

We used to go to Tsali to camp and bike almost every Summer. This was the first trip for Landon and Wade. Landon and Mike did the entire Right loop on Saturday and Thompson loop on Sunday. 

Wade, Mary and I rode a little bit each day. By the end of the second day Wade was getting more comfortable on the singletrack trails and especially loved mud puddles and creek crossings. 

A friendly game of Uno while I got the fire started

So we made it in the first two miles before turning back. So four miles of singletrack isn’t too bad for an out of shape Mom and a six year old 😜

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Where has a year gone?

I have not been able to update my blog from my phone easily so am trying a new app. Let’s face it, if I can’t do it from my phone it won’t get done.  So here are the highlights......

We took a wonderful trip to California. Wade earned several Jr Ranger badges, here is a view of Yosemite. We also saw bears!!!

We started Kindergarten!

We went to Canada’s Panorama resort with the ski club and Wade really made progress on skis. 

Panda Puff and Wade are best of friends. 

We took a quick trip to Disney with Grey Hrey over Spring Break

Wade played his first year of baseball with the Boonville team and did very well

Got a yellow stripe on the Kung Fu belt

Finished Kindergarten 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 4th at Topsail

It was hot!!! But Wade had a great time in the waves and sand. I always enjoy catching up with the Langston crew. We stayed at a new Inn in the town of Topsail Beach.

We drive to Wilmington and thought we would just show Wade the Battleship NC but he really wanted to go on so we took a tour.

Then after some rain and lightening ran us off the beach we had time to snap a few pictures before our traditional dinner at the Breezeway.

Look at what a difference four years makes......