Sunday, August 21, 2016


I decided I will never be a triathlete, but a try athlete. This year's Ramblin Rose didn't get any easier I felt like I had about an extra thirty pounds on each ankle during the run. But as I was plodding along I was reminded that my Mom was already struggling with hip pain by the time she was my age. And lest we forget, they mark your calf .....
I hope to keep moving, and even though my time was a minute slower than last year it's ok. I am only racing against our family's history of arthritis and hoping to keep moving so I can keep up with Wade. 

Thanks Sam for doing it with me. This is our post event selfie. Not too glamorous but that's ok, our boys will hopefully see someday two Moms that wanted to stay healthy and strong for them. 
So even though Yoda said there is no or do not....a try athlete I hope to be again next year. And if you want to join me ladies it's a wonderful supportive group. Ramblin Rose. 225 yard swim, 8 mile bike, 2 mile run (or mostly walk in my case today). 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

July Happenings

Where has the month gone? We have stayed so busy, but made lots of good memories this month. 

After my college roomate's daughter got married (yes her kids are grown and I have a four year old) we headed to the beach!  Wade loves it. 

The following weekend he and another boy from church were ring bearers in our pastor's son Spencer's wedding. They did so good!
We had some awesome pictures made at the cabin. We reenacted our wedding photo with Wade....
Hard to believe it's been six years, we celebrated with a night at the Barnsley resort in NW Georgia while Aunt Kim kept Wade. 
The next weekend Max spent the night and the boys really played well together, they are so different in many ways but glad they have each other as they grow up China brothers. 
And we got to take Emma for a quick Krispy Kreme run while she was in Winston for Governor's school... she even turned on the hot light. I still remember driving to Raleigh to meet her as she and Paige got off the flight from China about 16 years ago. She laid the desire in my heart for a Chinese little one of my own. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

50 years on earth

Yes I just had my 49th birthday but it sank in that I had lived 50 years....sure doesn't feel like it. 

I will try to eat better and exercise a little more this year, because I would love nothing more than to see Wade fall in love and become a Daddy someday. If he waits as long as Mike did I will have to hit 100+ years. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Marshall's Graduated

We didn't attend the actually ceremony in Atlanta but met the rest of the crew in Blueridge, GA for a few days of fun to celebrate.  Wade loved being with him, and being in the mountains. It doesn't seem like 19 years ago when I first held his little sub 5 lb self. He has certainly grown since then and is a 6 foot, blonde hunk of a nephew.

We all took a hike on Friday and Mike, Fad and I enjoyed the Adirondack chairs at a local winery under a big maple later that afternoon. 

From there we went down to Dads as Teen was finally home three weeks after her back surgery. Mike did some mowing and I did some cooking (to stock the freezer) and Wade got to make an eating tour...first peach ice cream in Barney, then catfish in Ray City. 

Teen will kill me is she sees this photo but here they are looking at pictures from the weekend. We pray she continues to heal and get stronger. 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

I had my blog printed

I started this blog as a fun way to update friends and family but realized now what I have is the closest thing to a scrapbook or journal that I will ever create. 

When I saw a good coupon I rushed to get my blog printed. I didn't take any time to edit these books and they could be better from that aspect but just having the memories and photos in book form has been great. Wade loves to look at them with us too. 

I didn't opt to have all the comments printed but I may go back and manually print those for special times like our trip to China so Wase can read them someday. They ran from $35 to about $50 each but was so easy. You literally type in your blog address and password and it makes a book for you!  You can preview it bedore purchasing. 

So I need to do better about writing updates. I like so many have fallen into the quick and easy Facebook for sharing photos. (And yes you ca n print that too) but there is too much fringe subject matter there. 

So when I started this blog in 2007 Alden would have been about Wade's age and now he is headed off to High School!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

High Rider Reunion

So when I pledged High Riders my freshman year at Texas Tech the group was 10 years old. This year they celebrated 40 years. How can that be right?  30 years since I was a freshman??

Wade and Mike had not been to Texas and I really wanted them to meet the Arterburns so we decided to all make the trip. Once my roommates all saw I was willing to come from NC they decided to make the trip too. Isn't it great when you are with old friends and you don't miss a beat?  God blessed me no doubt with life long friends who did and continue to enrich my life. 

Mr and Mrs Arterburn were surrogate parents to so many of us over the years. They met at Tech (Mr Art was a quarterback and Mrs Art a cheerleader I think) They both taught/worked at Tech so I made a long overdue gift of a quilt. They are now both in their 80's but still just as warm and welcoming as ever.  I am glad I got the chance to tell them again how much influence they had on me and that I loved them!

 Lubbock had changed a lot, this new bed and breakfast was just a block from where we lived...complete with a caboose in the back yard (Wade had fun staying in the train)

But the view of the engineering key from the bell tower still looked the same 

Katy Leanne is finishing up her freshman year at Tech but has decided to be a mountaineer next year. We got that school covered here too! Wade now can say Go Apps AND Get your guns up!

College for me was so much more than a granted that was the first goal and thankful for my parents financing....but it was the lessons I learned from High Riders that gave me the better planning/managing skills for both career and life. And I can't imagine having been there without Carissa, Cara, Tami and Amy. LoveY'all!!  (Oh and my real sister Kim for the last year 😍)

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Going Green!

Krispy Kreme decided to turn all the doughnuts green today for St Patrick's Day. Wade said they still tasted yummy!

This has been a busy month, we are back in swimming lessons and will go visit Dad over Easter, then to Texas for a college reunion.  The warmer temps and daylight savings are helping us get a little more done. Alden and Landon helped with some yard clean up too.