Sunday, January 31, 2010

Banjo gets out today!

Banjo didn't venture out of his heated well house yesterday, why would he....Go Postal even took his dinner to him. But today the sun had melted the top layer of snow enought that he could walk on top so here he is enjoying the sunny day at one of his many structures he patrols (you can click on the photo to make larger). This is the pack house (used years ago to pack tobacco). There are also two tobacco barns, a large barn, a smokehouse and an old chicken coop to look after. I am trying to get Go Postal to agree that with the new "car barn" he is building, Banjo may need some help. Maybe a girl kitty named Mandolin?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wacky Weather

Its supposed to be 57 today, so I am getting up from this computer and heading to the barn, maybe I can get the trim around the garage doors stained and suprise Go Postal when he gets home.

But come Friday night it supposed to be a different story. We hope to get to eat at Sr Bravo's with ski club friends and then paint the barn ceiling (in the finished room upstairs) on Saturday. Good thing there is a kerosene heater in there....they are calling for up to eight inches of snow!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beadboard is Up

The second wall of beadboard is now done! Go Postal also has a retaining wall/railing built around the staircase and has a few more things to do before the final inspection. We have to paint the ceiling in here so the lights can be hung....then POWER ON!!

This isn't a great photo (taken with my little blackberry at night) but thats a pretty big grin for Go Postal, this room is really shaping up. He is standing close to where I want my design wall ; )

I spent some time Wed making items for our guild's boutique in the upcoming April show. I made some burp clothes, and matching diaper cover....just need to add the elastic to the waist and legs.

I haven't broken the news yet to Zorro that soon I will be headed back to work, as you can see he likes the morning routine of coffee and the Today show....A Lot.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Warming Up a Little

Salem Stitcher and I saw this Heron sunning himslelf on the ice yesterday at Salem Lake. Its almost looks like he is walking on water. He is not the only one grateful for the warmer temperatures. We walked all the way around the lake (about 7 miles). We heard something very loud, almost like laser guns several times....and she finally figured out it was the ice cracking and was so cool sounding. I think I could have stepped on the ice near some of the edges it was that thick (but know better). Hope you get out and enjoy the pretty day today!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Retreat Weekend!

I am home from another weekend with the gals of Miss Bee Havin. We have gone to the Lion's camp at Lake Norman for the last few years for a January retreat. I didn't stop sewing except for food and sleep this time and I am glad to have a lot of tops to show for it!

Here is Dairy Queen's $5 Quilt top...all put together an ready to send to the quilter, they are in bad need as Leadville Colorado was -14 on Saturday. We are using Wool batting for this one!
Here is my $5 quilt, I chose the blue option. SO is starting another class this month, this time it will be a chain quilt and I am choosing the bright color pallete!
Buddy wanted a Star Wars quilt, so he showed me how he wanted the ships placed and I got a pretty good start. I need to finish with some more detail in the ships and add some shooting between the tie fighters and Luke's X wing. I think I am going to add Star Wars in the border in yellow and possibly his name .....with Jedi before it of course.

And finally I was the last one to leave Sunday as I got all the rows stitched together for this fun Christmas top. Mrs Goodneedle and I had the same layer cake from Moda of Christmas fabrics. She choose a 9 patch pattern from the Moda bake shop which is going to look great. I went for the even easier route and just used 5" squares. Quiltkeemosabe just showed me how to pair a white 10" square on top of the layer cake piece, sew both sides, cut across both directions and ta da you have four two patches.

But the real bonus from a weekend like this is all the laughter and fun we have. It really re-charges my batteries and I am so thankful for all my quilting buddies!

Barn Work Slow and Cold

Banjo wasn't much help to Go Postal this weekend, they were supposed to be working on the bead board. After running the kerosene heater for four hours, the room was still only up to 45 degrees. It was cold and windy! He decided napping in the scrap insullation was much more his speed.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Pond Monkeys First Performance

My oldest nephew started violin this year at school...his goal is to join the "fiddle club" I started the Mandolin in October and my neice is taking piano lessons. So we staged our first performance this weekend for the family. Buddy decided to conduct. We aren't quite ready for You Tube, but here you go.