Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hey China

....let us introduce ourselves via these 15 documents and handful of pictures. Thankfully I have faith that God will guide them to match us us with the child we are meant to have and we aren't relying on this stack of paper. This stack was mailed to our agency today for a critical review and translation. Hopefully we are logged into China's system within a few weeks and we will be matched soon.

But for now we are celebrating the end of this paper chase that has taken seven months to complete. And just in time to put the top down and snorkels on!

We aren't the only one anxiously awaiting a little one. Cousin Greysen left this present when she came by to feed Banjo last weekend!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Next Adventure Needed New Toys

We have snorkeled in Hawaii and on our Disney Cruise but decided before we use rental equipment again we would check into buying our own stuff. I really just wanted my own snorkel (I am not even the germ a phobe that most are and the idea of using a rented tube that others have had in their mouth and breathed through was grossing me out). So we went to the local shop and "dove" right in...masks, snorkels, booties, fins, and a "free" mesh bag to keep it all in when you get the package. Now Go Postal gets to balance the checkbook to see how many nights of pinto beans are in our future. But I suspect when snorkeling on the Dry Tortugas we will be happy we have our own stuff that fits and performs well.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Marshall was here

We went to Bowman Gray, ate BBQ in Lexington, worked in the yard, ate an entire dozen of hot Krispy Kremes, learned to fire a shotgun at skeet, worked on learning to drive a stick shift, tried paddle boarding and rafting at the US Whitewater Center in Charlotte, and best of all got more than a grunt or text from this now 15 year old. His first day of high school was today....and yet I still vividly remember holding this little 4lb 10oz baby!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympic commercials

I haven't been able to watch much of the Olympics yet but I am paying attention to the commercials trying to catch one by Nike that filmed in my Mom's hometown of London, Ohio. Haven't seen it yet but I will say P&G has a winner with their images of Mom's watching their children compete....this little boy standing on the high dive gets me every time.

And I caught Go Postal pausing last night to watch the Toddler Chair Climb commercial from Pampers. I commented that this type of advertising is having a different affect in us these days....and he shot me a big smile.