Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hey China

....let us introduce ourselves via these 15 documents and handful of pictures. Thankfully I have faith that God will guide them to match us us with the child we are meant to have and we aren't relying on this stack of paper. This stack was mailed to our agency today for a critical review and translation. Hopefully we are logged into China's system within a few weeks and we will be matched soon.

But for now we are celebrating the end of this paper chase that has taken seven months to complete. And just in time to put the top down and snorkels on!

We aren't the only one anxiously awaiting a little one. Cousin Greysen left this present when she came by to feed Banjo last weekend!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

There is one very lucky child (Jedi) out there, just for you; God will bring you together and you'll be sleeping under the same roof very soon.

Nane said...

I wish blogger had a "like" button...Thanks Mrs G

Salem Stitcher said...

Another step closer to is is meant to be. There is a very blessed child out there with no idea how wonderful life is going to be with you two.

OhQuilter said...

One Great big FUN FAMILY!! Congrats on another step closer!