Friday, May 28, 2010

Have a Safe Memorial Day

I am the first to admit, that growing up Memorial Day just signaled the start of summer. My sister's birthday usually falls near this weekend and mine was only six days later. I was lucky to have never lost anyone close to me as they defended our country. I did have a great uncle that was shot down in the last few weeks of WWII, and my father and his two brothers all served a few years in the Air Force during peace time. More recently I had a cousin to serve in Dessert Storm and now a "soon to be" nephew serving in Iraq. I hope we can all pause this weekend to offer up a prayer for all our service folks serving and their families. I would love to think we will someday not need to send our soldiers all over the world but for now and so thankful that there are still folks willing to serve. May God Bless

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mowers have Air Filters?

I told Go Postal that my mower had been slowly getting sicker and the last time I mowed I wasn't even sure I would finish before it expired. He asked "have you checked the air filter?" No, I didn't even know they had one. Well he saved it so he could show me...and scolded, I don't want to hear you complain about this mower any more, I don't even know how it could start. Sorry! But woo hoo now I don't have to buy a new mower....I can shop for a new bathing suit or two for our trip.

All the rain sure has made my garden take off. I have lots of tomatoes coming....the potato vines are growing great and squash, zuchini, peppers, cucumbers and basil all are growing great. All I have to battle now is the grass that keeps creeping in from the field.....and this guy who lives under the pack house and likes to munch.

Friday, May 21, 2010


July 11th will start our honeymoon in Hawaii.....we decided Charleston we could always do on short notice....but 7 nights in Hawaii that takes a little more time. I am afraid if we wait, we won't be able to do all the outdoor activities Maui has to offer....
I am really excited about our hotel, ocean front views of the sunset each night...really cushy looking beds and a great beach. But we aren't the lay on the beach all day kind of here is what else we have planned.
We rented a Jeep for the week so we can do some things on our own......and hopefully find some spots that aren't too croweded.
*Bike down a volcano
*Hike to waterfalls and swim in the pool below
*Day trip to Oahu to visit Pearl Harbor
*Catamaran trip to snorkel and see all the life below
*Drive the road to Hana
*Day trip to the Big Island to visit Volcano National Park
*Visit a Quilt Shop - Go Postal never heard of Hawaiian Applique, he needs to learn!
*Watch the sunrise from atop Haleakala Nationinal Park's Summit with my new husband....watching a sunrise above the cloud layer they say is a sacred experience. I may not have entertained this idea normally....the 3am departure will be less painful due to Hawaii's time being 6 hours behind North Carolina.
Yep think this trip will merit packing up the big Nikon

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back to Work in the Barn

With Go Postal's Dad and wedding planning activities we haven't gotten too far on the quilt room floor. But last night we got busy again...and its now about 20% complete. The first couple of rows took about 8 hours (learning how to brace the first row, make the right kink of cut with the saw, and how to bump them into place) Last night we were averaging about 15 minutes a row installed. (OK my industrial engineering training still pops up every now and then) So about 30 more rows....@ 15 minutes each..... We should be done before the Bee comes over for a sew day!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

And the Winner Is......Summer!

The Relay for Life Raffle Quilt will be headed up North where I know it will be put to good use this Fall and Winter. Summer's Mom is a cancer survivor and I am so glad she is this year's winner. Summer consider it a big hug from NC when it arrives. Thanks to everyone that supported this drawing....we raised about $600 for the American Cancer Society. Our event ended rather abruptly Friday night as a massive thunderstorm headed our way. I grabbed the quilt and headed to Go Postal's truck where we tried to wait it out. By about 9:30 everyone packed up and headed home. Maybe the weather will cooperate better next year.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Granny M...Don't Laugh

Granny used to get mad at me when I teased her about living in the Boonies. I wonder what she would say if she found out I was moving Boonville this summer. I was getting directions today to get from my new office to the High School for tonight's Relay for of the roads I need to turn on is "Booger Swamp Road", OK Granny I will be living in the Boonies too.

Tonight we Relay

Tonight is Yadkin County's Relay for Life event at Starmount High School. We will be selling homeade ice cream and quilt raffle tickets for the American Cancer Society, but maybe more importantly honoring all those who are in the battle, who are caregivers, those who have passed.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Fun

The ski club went to the new stadium Friday night to see a W-S Dash game. Buddy was also there for reading books at school. He is showing me his face painting here. I will check out his baseball game next week.

Go Postal and I spent most of Saturday figuring out the new saw and how to install the laminate flooring. There is a lot of calculating at first and figuring out how to work the spacers etc. We got three rows done before calling it quits for the night....(only 46 more to go). For us getting a project figured out and started is 75% of the work.

And finally everyone wants to know a color theme for the wedding. The cake decorator, the dresses for the girls, decorations at the reception..... I didn't really have anything set in my head so I did what any quilter might do, I went fabric shopping for inspiration. Here we go, Moda's Garden Party fabric line. Sage, Tan and Dusty Pink....I can work around that! Its a little more fru fru than my normal color pallete, but I think perfect for my July wedding.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Checking Off

Sorry readers, but this blog is much a journal for me to enjoy in the future as it is to inform my friends and family of daily happenings. So here starts the rambling about wedding plans! I have only been engaged four days but since the date is so soon I have had to move fast. This will be a small event compared to most weddings today but Go Postal isnt much for big crowds especially when all eyes are on him.
Church - Check - Boonville Baptist
Preachers - Check - Uncle Thad and Uncle Dwight!
Reception - Check - Allison Oaks Tasting Room in Yadkinville
Caterer - Check - Branch Bakery/Battle Branch Cafe in Yadkinville
Photographer - Check - Allure Photography (Thanks Mrs Goodneedle)
Dress - Check - Mom's fits fine!
Hotel Block - Check - Days Inn Yadkinville
The decorations, tuxes, and flowers can all get finalized now over the next few weeks. I have to laugh at the on line wedding check lists. They start with 18 months out.... This is much easier and more fun that getting my house ready to sell will be. I haven't broken to Zorro yet that Banjo will be his new step-brother. He will have a spacious new sewing room to live in. As long as his couch moves too he will be happy.
Getting married older has its benefits, I know where I want our budget to go and am blessed with so many friends who have jumped right in to offer help.
Go Postal's Dad is moving to an intermediate re-hab facility today. He is working hard and I think the wedding will be a good motivator for him to get as strong as he can by July 10th.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

As Etta James would say......

At Last

I will become Mrs Go Postal July 10, 2010