Thursday, July 31, 2008

Flattop has a family

Go Postal spied 4 racoons waiting for dinner last night outside his cabin. No wonder Banjo is looking a little thin, he has been sharing dinner with 4 racoons and a opossum. Poor Guy.

Two off the bucket list

Last week my friend the "cookie lady" taught me and her 15 year old grandaughter how to make Biscotti. It was yummy. I was one of the items on my "100 things I want to do before I die" list.
Last night we helped get a young lady that contacted our guild about making baby quilts get started. She had never used a rotary cutter or sewing machine but by the end of the evening had her first quilt top done. We will follow up with her in a few weeks to show her how to tie it and bind it. She is very motivated and hopes to complete 10 for a school project. So "teaching a child to quilt" is also going to be done this year. I have a feeling as years go by I will think of new things to add to the list as I check off others!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Critter

Last night I called Banjo to come get his wet food (he doesn't get to have food just left out anymore since Flattop hasn't been captured yet). I thought I saw him trotting across the field from the tobacco barn towards Go Postals cabin. Then I turned around and saw Banjo. Next thing I know this white pointy face is between me and the cabin door...I yelled, Banjo puffed his tail and I don't know what happened to the Opossum. I am only used to seeing them smashed on the road...and didn't know they could move so fast. Go Postal and I almost colided as I was running back into the door. After he stopped laughing at me...we went back out to try to see the critter, but he was long gone. So Flattop the racoon may have been getting all the blame for the mess around the cabin but it looks like he has help.

52 Miles on the Booty Loop

Go Postal and I enjoyed the 24 Hours of Booty bike ride this weekend. Lance Armstrong didn't show up, but it was amazing to see 1200 riders of all abilities out there on the course. There were a lot of very fast cyclists, a few guys on unicycles, several recumbants customized so parapalegics could pedal with their arms, and some children. We got there in time to do 17 miles before it got dark, then in two sessions on Saturday did another 35 miles. I have on my bucket list to complete a century ride (100 miles) so this may be the course for me. We will field a team next year and try to keep a rider on the course all 24 hours (which will require we buy lights) We even walked a lap so we could see the beatiful homes of this neighborhood around Queen's University. Almost half the riders had In Honor Of/In Memory Of references on their goes to show how many lives Cancer has touched. Go Postal rode for his Mom/Dad....and I honored my Aunt Vicky!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

14 Years and finally Curtains

Thanks Sis for making these curtains...I would much rather quilt than sew this kind of project. I originally got two panels for my bathroom out of a clearance bin ($2.99 for both) but decided I didn't like them once home. Sis offered to cut them up and Wa La....toppers for the two living room windows (that have never had curtains) Go Postal assisted with the rod hanging...he was distressed that I didn't own a level, but when I produced all sizes of quilting rulers he found somthing to use.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Its almost time....Go Postal and I are headed to Charlotte this weekend to road bike, camp, and road bike some more. This is a 24 hour bike ride to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. It will be like a Relay for Life, but on bikes. This area of Charlotte (around Myers park and near Queens University) was refered to by cyclists as the Booty loop...thus the name. Next year we hope to field a team of ski club buddies and have a cyclist from our team on the loop all 24 hours. This year however my road bike hasn't even left the my booty will need lots of rest. Just watching the Cancer survivors and those that are riding in honor of others I know will be an inspiration. Then on Sunday, I am going to eat whatever I want!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Cousin, Sister, Sister, Cousin, Cousin, Me

We had our 6th annual sister's weekend in Atlanta and invited our cousins to come out with us for dinner. We tried Sambuca's in Buckhead and enjoyed the jazz/dance band all night. Its fun to get together and catch up (and great fun for the ones that have little ones left behind...just for the evening) Our father and their mother are siblings....can you see which side of the family the curly hair comes from?
We spent the next day at Lennox mall and hit all the sales we could find. We did especially well at Restoration Hardware. I had never been to that store before, but picked up a latch from my great grandmother's pie safe since it hasn't had one the whole time I have been using it. We also were there for the Grand Opening of the world's largest Pottery Barn. are glad you missed this sister's weekend, the shopping would have been too much!
We ate at Houston's right across from our hotel on Saturday night and finished the evening off with a soak in the hot tub. The younger sister's even did their swim routine to Staying Alive in the pool...I am glad not many others were there at 10:30pm (I sat on the sidelines for that one).

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Month #7 Done

Another month down....these are turning out nice. The LQS is doing a great job of giving us pretty fabrics to use and this will make a great throw once all 12 blocks are put together. I even already bought the backing fabric at Mary Jo's a few weeks back!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And now Bats!

Flattop has evaded capture...but has also not shown back up, so maybe he got the hint he was not welcome. Now there are bats. This one (the picture is not too clear since I took it with my phone and didn't want to get too close) is hanging on a log right on the front porch. I know they eat a lot of bugs but this is a little too cozy. Anyone have any luck re-locating bats? Maybe some nice bat houses hung away from the cabin would help. Go Postal says they all come back home in the morning about 30 minutes before his alarm goes off....and thats EARLY.

Banjo doesn't seemed too bothered by them

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Flattop Evades Capture

This isn't Flattop, the raccoon that is hanging out at Go Postal's but I thought it was funny. This is probably what Banjo see's if he tries to get to his food bowl after dark. I have tried to give Flattop a chance at re-location, and twice he has evaded the trap. Last night he once again successfuly set off a large Haveaheart trap and stole the food. Tonight Go Postal is going to try to tie it down. He is not welcome, he has taken over Banjo's home (the well house) by learning to use the cat door and is getting his water bowl all dirty by washing his paws in the water. Flattop for your own good....get into the trap. Then you can take a short ride in the back of the truck down to the Yadkin river where you can start a new life. Otherwise...I think Go Postal is going to Go Postal on you. (By the way Flattop is the name of the Merlefest mascot)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend Bike and Hike

We spent the weekend with Tree and Rick in Sommerset, PA and stopped at the New River Gorge for a picnic and short hike on the return. The rain stopped just long enough to allow us to hike about a mile out to the edge of the gorge. This is the same bridge that they close off once a year and allow folks to bungee or base jump from....No Thanks.

Warthogs Game

We had fun at the game on Thursday...the boys ate hot dogs, snow cones, popcorn....and had a good time. Little Man buried his head for the fireworks but Buddy had a ball. Thanks Ken for taking these shots....I left my camera at home that evening. Waving a glow stick makes for an interesting shot, I told him he looked like Yoda waving his green light sabre.