Monday, April 25, 2011

Garden In!

Friday's rain put a damper on my to do list, we didn't get to take the boys hiking but we still go to eat pancakes! The ground wasn't too wet so we went ahead with the plans to till the garden and expand it. Look at how cute this tiller is, it came with its own little trailer...good thing because it would have been touch to load in GP's truck.

We are making the garden long and skinny. With a fence to keep the rabbits and ground hog out hopefully..... The deer may be another story, but my thinking was if its narrow enough maybe they won't try to jump inside.

It was such a blessing that Easter Sunday warmed up, our Sunrise service wasn't too cold and it was sunny and full of birds singing in the trees. We all were asked to cut flowers and bring them to decorate the cross during the 10:30 worship was a nice addition. I hope we all can remember the sacrifice of the cross and the hope it brings All Year Long, not just at Easter.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vegetable Garden Warning

OK groundhog, you and all your buddies have already been spotted checking out the garden spot. Well be warned, I am planting this weekend and we are putting up a small fence around the plot this year. If this doesn't keep you and your kind away we may have to resort to more drastic measures. I will not watch my tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and other vegetables eaten ... vine and all. Now your taller Deer friends will have a choice. If they fail to heed the fence, I will resort to an electric wire around the top baited with peanut butter. Come on, taste this yummy treat and ZAP, you will learn the hard way to stay away.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yeah Spring

First Pedicure of the feet are happy that flip flop season is here!

OPI's new Texas Collection: Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em

Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Fun

I headed up to hike off the parkway with friends from the ski club Saturday even though it was quite hazy. We saw early wildflowers on this nice wooded trail but had to cut it short due to rain. It even hailed small pellets on us for a few minutes. To save gas, we all 6 rode in the Explorer, I took the photo early in the trip...not sure Sugar Maple and Dairy Queen would have still had smiles in that third seat after riding all that way. But we all felt better for getting outside (avoiding housework) and an early dinner at Butch's BBQ in Morganton. They make their own bread...yummy. Salem Stitcher had a camera with her that captured some of our sightings...check her post out.
Sunday afternoon it warmed up just in time for a Relay for Life fundraising concert in the county park. It was a beach band and Sugar Maple brought her Mom for her birthday. Even though she is struggling with Alzheimers she hasn't forgotten how to shag. That's her with Whole Wheat (who else would be wearing a fleece vest and that hiking hat to a beach music festival). Go Postal and I enjoyed the afternoon and slipped back to church just in time for the evening bible study...hopefully they didn't notice I still had my flip flops on.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday GP

Yesterday was Go Postal's birthday and what a full day it was. I was first able to wish him Happy Birthday at 1:30am when we go up after hearing the bad storm that was pounding the cabin. Then again at 6:45am as I awoke to the sound of a chainsaw. Seems a huge white pine fell at the end of the driveway and he had to get it cut out of the way so we could get to work. Now mind you, I usually just grunt as he gets up at 5:00am and we don't really "talk" until I get home from work in the evening so wishing him Happy Birthday twice before 7am was a feat! I went over lunch to watch Buddy's third grade class compete in Southwest Elementary's multiplication tournament. His class was the ECU pirates, so he went to class with half his face painted purple and half gold. He did really well and you could tell all the kids were taking it so serious. They won their first two matches and will have the finals tomorrow. I wasn't planning on going but he grabbed my hand and asked me to be there....and I caved. GP was called by my Dad, serenaded by my sister's family and opened his gifts all before meeting his family for some Mexican food (his favorite) Here he is talking to his nephew who called from Ft Bliss to wish him a Happy Birthday. We then went by my house in WS to make sure there was no damage there...and made it back to the cabin about bedtime. A full day for sure!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

A different kind of revival....

GP and I went to church yesterday (actually twice) but in between our traditional services....we had another kind of revival. Its been about a year since I had my mountain bike off on singletrack trails. We rode about 6 miles of the Overmountain Victory Trail up at Kerr Scott. Within a few seconds of entering the trail, my heart was pounding and my lungs heaving....but my heart and soul were very happy. It didn't hurt that Dairy Queen and Whole Wheat invited us to eat Mexican with them after we were done riding. Nothing beats eating a basket of chips and salsa when you have just worked your tail off. Hopefully we can make some type of outing like this a regular service on Sundays while the weather is so grand. Want to join us???