Monday, November 30, 2009

Back at It...Kind Of

I am going back to work tomorrow....just some project work for now, and just two days a week. It will be good to use a different part of my brain again (it was getting really lazy) and this may turn out to be a position I want to take full time. But for now, I still have two gifts to finish for Chirstmas so am glad that I will still have a lot of ME time before the end of the year.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Trip to Georgia

Go Postal and I had a nice long weekend with Dad in South Georgia, including dinner at my favorite place for Catfish and cheese grits in Ray City. On the way home we stopped in Atlanta for lunch with Lila, Sofia, and Jaquelyn...they are getting so big!
I also set up a webcam for Dad, so now they can Skype to all the grandkids! If you haven't heard of Skype....its really pretty cool. For the cost of a webcam, you can video chat with anyone else in the world over the computer. FOR FREE! Check it out

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brenner Tree

Here are some elves from the quilt guild decorating this year's Brenners Tree. It was fun watching all the different groups ready there tree. The trees are sold to raise money for the children's hospital and a drawing is held to get the order they are selected by the buyers. We had tons of ornaments made of homespun fabrics, fabric toy blocks, and a garland made of fabric chain links. It turned out lovely. If you are in town this weekend you can attend the Festival of Trees and see them all.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Barn Progress

Here is the upstairs room that we are finishing in Go Postal's barn. The sheetrock is up on the end walls and ceiling...but on the side walls we are using salvaged bead board he retrieved about 15 years ago when building his log cabin. 1st step was to get it out of his father's barn and vacum (each piece) free of crud. This wall has two windows and will house the heating/cooling unit. The other side of the room has a solid wall. I think the beadboard will look great. Once all the insullation is covered the electrical outlets/lights can be installed and it will be ready for the inspector. If everything passes, POWER ON! We are also taking advantage of these pretty days to paint/stain the exterior. Thankfully he is getting some help from a long time friend who paints! I will post an exterior picture soon.
Banjo is ready for us to pause from working on the barn...and pet him!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Quilting Retreat

I got a ton done as usual in Black Mountain....some of the items are gifts so I won't post any pictures yet. I did finish up some Christmas stockings for Go Postal and I to use someday and we took a beautiful hike to the overlook above Montreat on Saturday morning. This time I had company on the hike. There is also lots of wonderfull food, so the hike is a great way to get up and burn some calories! We have been going to this lodge now for about 10 years and I hope we can continue to go for many many more. On top of the sewing I get done, my batteries are recharged by this hillarious group of ladies.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

Pretty Scary, Go Postal and I were grossed out by the lip ring and nose ring....don't think any piercings are in our future.