Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's in Georgia

This year Valentines and Presidents Day fell on the same weekend so we took advantage of Mike's Monday off and headed to Georgia for a visit. Wade had fun with Gray Gray and his little step cousin Mary from England who was also visiting!  

Poor Mike, not too romantic of a Valentines Day.....we ate catfish for dinner at Rays Mill Pond. He gave me a cycling jersey with a map of the Hawaiian islands. Possibly to motivate me to ride more???? I will I hope as the triathlon is mid August and I have a long way to go. 

I also took it as a "let's go back someday". We only spent time on Maui and I would love to see Pearl Harbor and Volcanoes National Park. 

We drove home as a snowstorm hit. It going to be very cold all week. Wade is still more of a beach boy than snow bunny but he still has a trip to Salt Lake coming up in a few weeks so it's not time to break out the sandals just yet. Thanks ️Aunt Mary for watching Wade on this snow day!

Now that we are done with the flu and our trip to Georgia I just have one business trip before head to the Mid Atlantic Quilt festival for one night. Yes this mama is looking forward to a little quilty R&R !!!!