Monday, August 30, 2010

We Got It!

We went to an auction all day Saturday. This couple has been friends with my Go Postal's family as long as he can remember and they are downsizing to a garden home....and so they had to downsize their possesions as well. We went with the intention of bidding on this sideboard. We picked a spot out for it in the cabin before we left. Dr L was a Dentist but also a very talented woodworker. He made this out of old church pews from the church. He had even lined several drawers with felt and put in organizers for silver. Go Postal also got a planer and dust collection system. We picked up some other items as well....and the real bargains were to be had at the end of the day when the crowd started to thin. They grouped together a whole box of linens and I got it for $10 not really knowing what I would find. Mrs L's mother was a fine needleworker and inside the box where several napkins and guest towels she had embroidered. There was also and appliqued block (and the fabric for the rest of the quilt) What Fun. We will treasure this piece in our home because of its beauty, but mostly because of our love for the craftsman and his family.

Friday, August 27, 2010

If I NEEDED another bicycle....

Check out the patchwork motif on the fenders! This would be a great beach bike. I bet Bonnie would like the Creamsicle orange one right beside it. We could attach a big sewing basket to the the New River Trail a ways, find a sunny rock at the edge of the river....have a snack and do a little hand work. OK I can dream. Reallity is that I haven't been on either of my bikes in months....or done any handwork. But if I can get settled into the cabin and get my house ready to put on the market maybe the Fall will allow more time for these activities.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Preview of the new Cultural Arts Center in Yadkinville

The Yadkin Valley Cultural arts center will celebrate their grand opening on Saturday Sep 18th in conjunction with the town's Harvest Festival. I am organizing a quilt display and demonstration in the classroom area so they took me over to get a preview of the building. Its right across from Allison Oaks where we had our reception in Yadkinville. It is going to be amazing. There is a huge quilt block in the women's bathroom made from small glass tiles, the main gallery is accented with antique barn wood and there will be an wi-fi enable cafe run by the caterer that did my wedding.

This will be a great resource for the entire Yadkin Valley. The auditorium will be completed in Phase II begining soon. They will also offer classes as part of their community outreach. She asked me to help find teachers.....Not a Problem.....I can't wait to have this in my new backyard.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bree's Last Boy Head to School

I can't tell if this is sadness....or yeah finally some peace and quiet because I really need it from Bree. Her last boy is starting kindergarden next week.
Since I was making some rest blankets for others, I decided to dress up his as well by adding some train fabric to the back of his towel. I better stick to quilting as sewing fabric to a towel is tougher than I expected.
My sister hasn't had any daytime to herself in about 8 years, I wonder if she will have big plans for next week too? I would check out a movie matinee, go to the mall by myself, or maybe lunch out with other newly liberated moms. But I am sure putting her youngest on the bus that first morning will still pull at the heartstrings a little. I have heard her tell her oldest he must sit with his brother on the bus....just for the first few weeks anyway. ; )

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy 70th Daddy!

Happy Birthday Dad, wish I had a piece of that coconut cream pie right now. We celebrated early this weekend but Mary and her boys are still there today for the official turning of a decade. We gave him an hour flight that he can take around his home, farmland, church and the ponds/rivers he grew up exploring. The plane can seat two more....hmmm he has three siblings. We suprised him at his favorite catfish place on Friday night just as he was sitting down to a plate of catfish and grits. If you are ever in Ray City gotta check out Rays Millpond Cafe. Dad its on my bucket list to celebrate your 100th at Ray's as well......we both better get to exercising and eating better! Love You!

Monday, August 16, 2010

South Georgia Fun

Sofia and Baby J got to see Dad's place down in South Ga as we all went to suprise him for his 70th birthday. We ate catfich, saw alligators, drove to the pond in the back of a truck, chased lizards (yes one is sitting on Marshall's hand) and played on the tire swing. They all took a turn on the speeder at Jedi training camp too. Mary's boys are staying a few extra days as they are not back in school yet. They will probably go out in the boat today and try to catch Moby the elusive 10 pound bass that I once hooked but couldn't land.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another 9 Yard Purchase

Well so quickly after saying I never had purchased 9 yards of anything...I did it again. Randy's quilt shop is closing as the owner retires. He marked down all fabrics 60% and books/thread/notions all 75%. I bought several 5 yard pieces for backings and one 9 yard piece to back a large kit I got at Mid Atlantic in February. It was a zoo, I arrived about an hour after they opened so the line to get fabric cut was already long. You had to take the bolts that were left on the shelves or spy someone's stash ahead of you and hope they didn't buy the rest of the bolt. Amazingly everyone stayed patient, even the employees were keeping their cool trying to help the overwhelming group of quilters. He is closing the door next Wed I believe so it would pay to drop by soon if you want to stock up on some deeply discounted fabric. I have also always thought the new Olfa cutter that advertises an easy change blade was neat, but I didn't really need another one.....but for 75% off......I got one.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Disney Dream - Aquaduck Slide

This is still an artists rendering, but the newest Disney Cruise line will set sail in 2011 and we are going. I can't wait to ride this slide "The Aquaduck" You actually go out over the railing of the ship in a plexiglass tube. We have never taken a family trip like this and I expect Disney will not let us down when it comes to making a treasured memory. And in case we are getting a little too much together time, there is an adults only pool and restaurant. My siblings can have that stuff, I will be with the kids on the Aquaduck...I hope you can ride it in the dark too.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Go App

We stopped into Mary Jo's on Friday...we combined it with a trip to IKEA. I got what I needed then spied the Appalachian fabric I had used for a baby quilt recently. I thought about making a quick throw for friends of GP's that let us stay with them in Boone for a ballgame each Fall. He liked the idea so much we bought enough for at least two. Not sure I have ever bough 9 yards of anything before.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Life in the Country

GP sat straight up in bed about 2am...."I heard something". He went downstairs, looked outside, then decided maybe he dreamed it. Then about 15 minutes later.....I heard it. The high pitched panicky yelps of a coyote. It wasn't on the front porch or anything but it was pretty close. My mind immediately went to Banjo, do we need to start putting him up for the night in the barn? There are bats in the soffetts, spiders at the back door, racoons, ground hogs, deer and opossums a I have to get ready to face a coyote (although I don't plan to be out much in the middle of the night).
I am also learning more about the economics of country living. Like Dry Cleaning, when there is only one place in town...its expensive! We will be taking that back to WS in the future. But the little grocery store is pretty good both for selection and price so that makes it easy for quick trips when in the middle of a recipe we are missing something. And the local florist....she did a great job on both the wedding and the funeral and for a very good price. I'm learning.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Most Traditional of Wedding Gifts!

Not china, towels, or silver...but a quilt. For many generations a wedding marked a time when friends and family of a bride would work on a wedding quilt as a gift for the new couples home. My quilt friends stepped up and did the same. How in only 8 weeks I am not sure. There was a trip to Mary Jo's, some cutting of kits, and about a dozen quilters involved in getting these log cabin blocks pieced. They are arranged in a barn raising pattern. Could it be more perfect for Go Postal and I's room? Salem Stitcher did a lot of the assembling and Mrs Goodneedle and Sundance did a fantastic job quilting it. Quiltkeemosabe even provided matching pillow cases with a lovely crocheted (sp?) edging. This picture doesn't do it justice since my little blackberry didn't have enough light but I couldn't wait anymore to share it.

Many oohs and ahhs were heard when we opened this at the reception and several friends have wanted to see it up close when they visit the cabin. I have the greatest group of quilting buds and not just because of gifts like this, but because no matter what is needed they are there. We love our quilt and you all very very much!