Friday, April 17, 2015

What is a family?

This question was asked of each of Wade's three year old class after learning about families this week....

His response:  It's when I was born, my Mommy works at Krispy Kreme

I hope someday he truly feels like the day we three met was some type of birthday for our family...for now I know he is proud of where I work. You gotta love the heart of a three year old  

Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring chores...

I do enjoy Spring but here in NC the pollen gets a bit overwhelming for me. Wade helped me wash my car and Grandpa Lindigs old truck, then his car! In an hour I could see pollen back on the hoods

We got the garden  planted with all kinds of yummy things now must get a fence up quick or the rabbits and deer will reap our bounty. 

Sunday found Wade and I on a hike with Sam and Max. Both Daddy's are fighting colds and stayed home. The boys did great and hikes a total of three miles after the initial scraps over who got to be the line leader on the trail. We made it out to Wolf Rock and back, joining up with Ken and others from the ski club. 

Oh and the big boy underwear thing didn't make much progress. I don't think he anticipates going at all. Mike demonstrated peeing on a tree (what little boy can resist). Wade would get all ready then make a hissing sound with his mouth like he was going. Oh well....

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Our 2 year Anniversary as a Family

Hard to believe the changes we have seen in this little man in two years!  Of course he has changed our lives too and I am having tons of fun on this adventure. 

Once he is older we will take the opportunity to reflect on China and our first gotcha day with him....and can share a few gifts that we bought for him while over there. But for now, he was pretty excited to get a new Snoopy and Woodstock bank for his room. 

Easter 2015

We had double duty this weekend as Mike's birthday fell on Easter. We made cookies for a Relay fundraiser and saw a car show at Krispy Kreme on Friday. We then got a babysitter on Saturday so we could take a Segway tour....something Mike has always wanted to try. Dinner with Ken and Pat then all of the Easter stuff on Sunday. The house didnt get cleaned, but lots of memories were made. 

The Easter Bumny brought Wade a fox from the Bumnies by the Bay folks in Anacotes. I went to their store when they were just a startup and when I found out about their red thread collection that benefited China orphanages I knew Wade needed his next friend from there. It's really cute and soft!