Monday, December 28, 2015

No Grinch in this Boy

Wade woke about about his normal time Christmas morning but didn't hesitate to remind us that Santa may have come! 

 He has been very excited this year about both Santa and learning about Baby Jesus. We hosted Grey Grey and Teenie so they got to witness all the joy and noise. 

"Helping" Landon work his new BB8 droid
And what a ham, he got a toy trumpet and took it church so he could play along with our small ensemble. Nobody seemed to mind he was a little off key. 
Christmas 2015 is in the books!  Here is to a great start for 2016...

Thursday, December 24, 2015

A very full December

We kicked off the Holiday season by spending Thanksgiving in Georgia. 
Some Christmas card photos were taken
Some fishing (or playing with worms) happened. 
And we got all spiffed up for church!!

This December we have gotten ready for Christmas a day at a time. Here it is Dec 24th family is in town, leaving work at noon to start cooking and finish wrapping presents. Not much free time these days!

Oh and we squeezed in a ride in the Polar Express,a trip to the ER and the new Star Wars movie!  
Ready or not it's Christmas time!  We will go church tonight and enjoy a full day with family tomorrow!

And finally here is Wade in Daddy's old Jeep. He was thrilled to be in the Boonville Christmas parade. 
No doubt which car he has his eye on!  But we still have 11 years before the learners permit is issued!
But as fast as the years are flying by, I am afraid it will be here too soon.