Monday, January 31, 2011


Go Postal and his brother worked Saturday at the old pack house (it used to keep the tobacco after it was cured...until it was ready for market) For the past 20-30 years it served as storage for his parent's antique hobby and un-official critter hostel. They spread out several old quilts for me to basically approve getting rid of.....most were completely chewed through, peed on, and basically starting to decompose. But this one had a little rip in the tied top so I gave it a better look. There was a hand quilted string quilt under this one...yes the edges are very worn so the original owner must have wanted to re-decorate and rather than spending money on a new batting just covered this old quilt. The thread used to tie this new top on was completely rotten so it pulled apart pretty easily. I will wash it and then cut it down. I feel bad sending any quilt "away" so I was tickeled that I could find at least a little piece of one that could be salvaged

Here is KB taking a look through a lot of old linens I got in a box at an auction. What I was after was the grandmother's flower garden top....I got that and lots of hand embroidered towels, hankies and tablecloths. She was going to give them to someone for re-purposing. Zorro had become her buddy earlier when she paused to give him a good rub down. I am afraid my generation and beyond are losing their appreciation for handmade items, most want to go to Wal Mart and buy cheap trendy linens that can be changed on a whim.
We had fun in the barn making string blocks, this was my first time...but they are a lot of fun. Mrs Goodneedle did a good job posting pics on her blog. I showed the string blocks to GP's neice and we may try to take her grandfather's ties and do something similar.

So, the quilt room (although a long way from finished) is starting to turn out quilts and good times. Thanks Miss Bee Haven for joining me!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mud Tires

I am thinking about putting a set of these on my little Civic. Our driveway is a muddy mess. Yes I am a little spoiled, I have always lived on a paved road, and had an attached I am just a little ready for Spring so we can finish the barn, get a back door on the porch and put in some walkways and a nice gravel driveway.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fun in the Mountains

Here are some highlights of my family's fun in the NC mountains this past weekend. We hadn't exchanged Christmas presents yet so it was kind of Christmas in January....along with good food and good memories.

We did some sledding, Alden is showing good form.....

GP and McKinley on the lift at Beech Mountain. I have never had such good snow conditions in NC. And a half off Groupon for lift tickets didn't hurt either.
She did great, wish I could have learned to ski as a kid!

This is Marshall's 4th day on skiis. He is fearless, he even did a Black Diamond with strict instructions from his Dad to stay in control.

Even Grandaddy got into the snow sports.....we all did a session at the tubing park!

I finally got Alden's Star Wars quilt and Dad's 70th birthday quilt all done. Check off two UFO's for me!!

This was our first get together in the snow...hopefully it won't be our last. I like the beach for summer, but you couldn't beat the conditions for outdoor snow fun this weekend.

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Quilting Heritage

I was working on a quilt for my Dad's 70th birthday this weekend, with lots of old family photos and warm wishes from his siblings, wife and children. Stitching it on my Mom's 1980's era Bernina made me feel like she was connected to the project too. All I have left is to add the label, which is a step I like to skip but I realized how much I wish I had labels on all the family quilts I now own. So I will get the label on so someday some of his grandchildren may stop before letting the dog sleep on it!

But here is what I know about these quilts.....

These two rail fences were pieced by my great grandmother Lindig and given to my Mom for her high school graduation. I added borders and tied them a few years ago so I could use them on these beds that I got from my other Granparent's home.

This red and white quilt was made by my Grandmother Marshall. She and her sisters made mostly utility quilts, this one is one of the few that looks like it was made from new fabric. Its got a very thick batting and is hand quilted in a baptist fan. The blue and white quilt under it is my very first quilt...there isn't a real binding on it and the polyester batting sometimes beards through but I still like it.

My great grandmother Hamm and possibly my Grandmother Lindig made this for my Mom when she was a baby. It has different nursery rhymes embroidered into the squares and is super sweet.

My Grandmother Marshall gave this scrap quilt to my Mom and Dad when they were married in 1965. We had two and nothing made you feel better when you had a cold than to lay on the couch under one of these with our big Siamese Thai on top.

And my Great Aunt Wilma Lindig made this quilt probably with her mother. I haven't seen this pattern before although Fannye once told me she thought it was called 7 sisters. Uncle Lee and Aunt Wilma never had children and really spoiled us when we were little, I love that he decided to give us each a quilt when she passed away.