Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Thanks Mrs Goodneedle and Ohio Stitcher, with your help we will give 20 babies in China a handmade bib of their own. These are in the mail to Love Without Boundaries for their next trip to do cleft lip surgeries.  

This was a free pattern from Heather Bailey

I kept one for Wade so I could see how the PUL fabric holds up to multiple washings. Out friend Sam is working with him to try to swallow more, but for now I have my very own slobber monkey. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

"Every Stitch you sew on Sunday...

.....you will rip out nine on Monday". That is what my Great Grandmother Hamm told my Mom often as a little girl.  She taught my Mom how to sew and Mom taught me so I respect her a lot....and even wear her diamond as a part of my engagement ring. But, I bet sewing was seen as a chore back then and not the creative therapy it is to me. 

So after church and A Mexican lunch....Wade does this
And I get to do this......
Block #7 done for the month (this is the start of a camper quilt for Wade). 

A start on making bibs for Love without boundaries as they travel to China to repair the lips of cleft babies

And finally done the last block in the Civil War $5 quilt from Sew Original a few years back. I was traumatized one year in a class at Mid Atlantic trying to piece a curved seam so I machine appliquéd them instead.  I plan on making a big quilt for our bed with these and the signature blocks the guild gave me the year I was President (also Civil War fabrics)

And since I almost never get to stitch through the week....maybe this saying won't apply.