Monday, September 27, 2010


It was a dark rainy morning....Banjo didn't venture out into the rain yesterday but last night he came for his dinnertime "wet" food that he loves. He spent the night on the porch which is unusual for him, but he hates the wet grass.

I think I heard him singing this morning.....
Rain, Rain Go Away....Little Banjo wants to play

I however am thankful for the rain and it sounded wonderful on the tin roof of my sewing room last night as Zorro and I worked on assembling a quilt top together.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Yadkin Valley Cutltural Arts Center

I volunteered to put on a quilt exhibit for the grand opening of the new arts center. As usual I had no idea of the work involved....and wouldn't have been successful if my friends hadn't stepped up. This gives me a new appreciation for anyone that hangs a big show. We had a lot of postivie feedback, it was fun showing people what modern quilters turn out. And Kathleen and I would like to state for the record.....WE CAN HAND QUILT, but choose often to have our quilts machine quilted so we can move on to the next quilt. (Some folks seemed a little judgemental....ha) Thanks Quilt Keemosabe, Salem Stitcher and Kathleen....I had a ball.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy 75th Blue Ridge Parkway

It was a shame it was rainy on Saturday because I am sure a lot more folks would have gone up to the parkway to help celebrate its 75th birthday. They had artists, music, historical displays and food! We bought a copy of this commemerative print, here is GP by an antique diesel, and a 75th anniversary quilt coordinated by the Asheville quilt guild.

We took a short ranger led hike around the Blue Ridge Music Center and would have loved to stay longer. Its a wonderful resource....and we are lucky to live so close by. Happy Birthday Blue Ridge Parkway....someday I hope to drive it end to end.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Prayers Needed

My sister in-law needs our prayers. She is faced with a serious health concern and has to wait until next week for any answers. I know she reads my blog so if you want to leave her a comment....we'll just call her GP's Sis.
We love you and are praying hard!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Time Seller!

My boss asked today "Have you ever sold anything on ebay?" Well, no I have bought things and even used Craig's List to buy my last used car but I haven't tried being a seller. So he said, well take those old scanners in the back and see what you can get for them. How awesome is that, I get to use ebay and facebook as part of my actual JOB! We did sell Go Postal's dryer today using craigslist and if this ebay thing is pretty easy I can't wait to list a bunch of the stuff we are thinning out of our houses. Anyone need an antique pump organ?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mostly "Labor" Day Weekend

We worked hard at my house in Winston this weekend, and got the garage doors and mailbox painted, all the windows washed inside and out, the flower beds cleaned up and mulched, pine straw spread, and the quilt room officially looks like a bedroom again. Hope nobody tries to sit on the bed however, Go Postal and sis simply layered two air mattresses on the bed frame and made it up. I still have lots of de-cluttering to go but it will hopefully be ready to go on the market before we leave for Maui. We still squeezed in a little fun too....we hit the Hot Cars, Hot Nights cruise in on Saturday night and caught most of the Tams concert. Then Sunday afternoon headed up to Grassy Creek, NC (just outside of Jefferson) for the New River Blues festival. This was a pretty setting with the river just behind the music tent....and for once we were some of the younger folks in the crowd. The weather was perfect for spending time outside!