Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Time Seller!

My boss asked today "Have you ever sold anything on ebay?" Well, no I have bought things and even used Craig's List to buy my last used car but I haven't tried being a seller. So he said, well take those old scanners in the back and see what you can get for them. How awesome is that, I get to use ebay and facebook as part of my actual JOB! We did sell Go Postal's dryer today using craigslist and if this ebay thing is pretty easy I can't wait to list a bunch of the stuff we are thinning out of our houses. Anyone need an antique pump organ?


KQ Sue said...

How about a dishwasher? I missed a year old one, in W-S for $150, by 2 or 3 days.

KQ Sue said...

It was on Craig's list.

Nane said...

Sorry No Dishwasher, unless you want the entire house!