Monday, August 31, 2009

Sew Day

Love it when you take your stuff off site! Some of us did that on Saturday! I got a preemie top ready for my step mom to quilt and my next $5 quilt blocks ready. I also started Christmas stockings!! I never seem to dedicate 6 hours to sewing if I am at home...too many other distractions.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Nap Blanket

Our guild is making nap blankets for a kindergarten class in a low economic region of our city. Often these little guys lay down on the floor with nothing. I had some Harry Potter fabric that was begging to be used just for this. We were asked to use about a yard of fabric and simply sew a front to a back and flip it inside out to finish. I had some left over flannel from a nephew's quilt so thought it would make a cozy back. I haven't fliped anything right side out like this in a long time, but I was taken back to my first 4H project...a babushka (head scarf) and my Mom standing over me reminding me to take my time and showing me how to use a pin to pull out the fabric at the corners and getting them crisp before pressing and top stitching. This project didn't take long at all and I hope it lands with someone that also loves to dream about wizards, dragons, and good winning over evil.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ta Da

Lesson Learned: Painting over red is hard. I closed the door today after the hardware was on and I had used about three coats of black, just to see some red still peeking through in some of the cracks. So much for nice even brush strokes, I dabbed more on in the offending spots and called this project done. Now I just need to do the garage doors, the mailbox post, and touch up the beadboard in the kitchen. The house UF project list is almost as long as my quilting UFO's!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cant Stay Focused

I have to space in some odd jobs with the sewing and playing this summer or I am going to look back and think how I have wasted this time off from work. So this morning I set out to paint the front door. It had been a few weeks since I bought the paint so I took it back by the store so they could give it a good shake. Then the grocery is right near so I popped in for groceries. Oh and I haven't had breakfast...Bisquitville. So I get home its now 10:30. Go find the tape, extra newspaper and paintbush. WHERE IS THE PAINTBRUSH. Must have left it over at sis's the last time I helped her. So it will be off to Lowes, which is next to the bank....I need to make a ski club deposit (go upstairs to get the deposit typed up), start reading blogs....... OK, focus the door will be painted today!
The sun just cooks this door and the paint really gets faded after a few years, its been green and most recently red but this time I am matching the shutters and trying glossy black.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


You would have thought it was Christmas at the Grand Opening of the new Lego store in Concord Mills. At one point there was a 40 minute line just to get in. Buddy is a Lego fanatic and we both bought a Star Wars kit.

Here we are standing by a lifesize Star Wars character made from Legos.

We also helped build some blocks to use in the 8 foot tall R2D2 they were building in the food court (which won't be done until Sunday) We got Star Wars posters and the Master Builder autographed them, here is what mine said:

Aunt Leanne - Play On! (Then he drew a little Lego)

Good Advice, I sure have had a lot of play time this summer!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I hate mosquitos...why God allowed two of them on the Ark I will never understand. This time of year I either shower in pure DEET or suffer the consequences. Anyone have any luck with any other products that aren't as toxic as DEET? I would love to try it. The skintastic and other "family friendly" sprays don't seem to phase them for me.

Yes thats a strange shot, but I got hit about ten times in a matter of seconds when cutting down some undergrowth in my natural area today. The first hard freeze of the year can't come soon enough!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Zoo In August - HOT

It was a hot one at the NC Zoo yesterday, but its the last week before the boys head back to school. The elephants didn't mind the heat, but the polar bears stayed inside. We had fun watching the sea lions and harbor seals sail past the windows in their tanks....almost showing off on how they can glide by upside down, super fast, or right up to the windows to rub their tummies against the glass. Friday is our last outing, we are hitting the grand opening of a new Lego's store in Concord Mills. We get to be a part of building a huge R2D2 out of Legos.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Another UFO!

Middle Sister decided about 4 or 5 years ago she would like to make a quilt when visiting me. We bought the fabric to make a simple throw for her living room. I realized last time I visited her that even though she completed sewing all the squares together...the time to put the borders on and get it finished just weren't in her future. So I took it home with me (knowing I have a little more time right now to sew) and got it done this morning. I think we will find a long arm quilter to finish it up as it will get used and laundered a lot....1 Husband, 2 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Another Rider!

Here is the newest bike rider in the Family. He just turned 4 in February, I won't be able to keep up by the time he is 10 I am sure. We have to get him a big boy helmet, this one looks like its for a baby, not someone that can ride their own bike.


Look who has tunneled into the basement looking for a snack. Good thing I have kept up the termite contract on my house. They abandoned this tunnel because they didn't find any cardboard or wood to chew on. Little did they know that if they had just tried the other side of the basement they would have hit paydirt. I have a ton of furniture packed down there as we have cleaned out grandparents homes. You know the "I might use it someday" story. So next week its clean up time, here I come Good Will.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Zorro Approves

Salem Stitcher gave me this great Fat Quarter bag to hold the red and white quilt I am hand quilting. These are great patterns as they will hold all kinds of things, I think it could even contain my 4 year old nephew when he gets a little wild. As you can see Zorro thinks it especially makes a nice place for a nap. Don't you just love to get suprises! It wasn't even my birthday....Thanks so much Salem Stitcher, it will be put to good use as I think it will take the rest of my life to finish the quilt.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chickens Ready to Fly the Coop

I locked myself in my sewing room yesterday with the iTunes blaring. The goal: to get the borders on this one and have it ready for the long arm quilter. This was the $5 quilt in 2007 and I just got the top together at our May retreat. This is by far the quilt with the most pieces I have ever made! I can't wait to see what the quilter does with it.

My goal is to someday have a quilt for each month of the year on the bed. This one will be November.

Go Postal's China is Spode's Woodland pattern. His Mom (like mine) thought he needed to be buying decent plates and utinsels for our homes...maybe they had given up that we would ever get married or wanted easy gift ideas for Christmas.

See my color inspiration for finishing up the quilt? When the coordinating fabrics had these fancy birds I knew I wanted them to roost in the blank squares of the setting.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Are you a SheBeest?

You probably can't see the writing in the photo, but this bike jersey has "SheBeest" written all over it. This is a brand of cycling apparel for women and I have to admit I feel a little more empowered when I wear it. We rode the Overmountain Victory trail Saturday at Kerr Scott Lake. The Brushy Mt Cycling club has constructed a 6 mile trail in the park where this historical pathway once was. This path was critical during the Revolutionary War for moving troops around.

I know there are other quilters out there who are ready to find their inner SheBeest on a bike. Not everyone's Beest will be the same, some will aspire to ride singletrack and jump over logs...others will be happy with a ride around Salem Lake or down a neighborhood greenway. I am ready to help! I think everyone should bike.

So here are a few pointers.....
1) Invest in a quality bike. Bikes have come a long way, they are lighter and much more comfortable than you may remember. But if you go to WalMart and buy a cheap bike it will be heavy and not enjoyable to don't do it. Most will enjoy a Comfort Bike (its a mountain bike frame with a much more upright position). You can even get a shock on the front wheel and seat post to make for a smoother ride.
2) Buy a Helmet immediately! Yes you may feel a little like a storm trooper at first but come on its your head we are protecting and its not a fashion contest. Helmets are basically all about the same but will get more expensive as they get lighter and have more ventillation.
3) Bike Shorts: The lycra kind I am wearing work the best. Yes its like having a pampers on...but believe me the soft padding is a lifesaver once you get hot. And by all means don't wear your underwear, these are made to go right up against you. If you can't stand the idea of wearing them alone you can always get a lightweight pair of nylon baggy shorts to pull on over these. Or Terry makes a little skirt that you can clip around you too.
4) Gloves: For longer rides they give you a place to wipe your nose or drips of sweat and help reduce fatique in your hands and wrists.
5) Glasses: If you don't have sunglasses on you still may want something to keep bugs and the occasional branch out of your eyes. You can even get clear or yellow tints for overcast days.
6) Bike Bag: You need somewhere to keep your keys and cell phone. And for longer trips a snack!

The ski club is meeting on August 20th at Ken's Bike Shop on Reynolda Road at 7 pm. They will present a program about bicycle maintenance. All are welcome....even if its just to fantasize about your inner SheBeest!

I can still do it

I wasn't sure I could get up on water skis anymore. Its not at all like snow skiing, and I had just ridden a very hot 8 miles on my mountain bike. We had a ski club outing to Kerr Scott Lake Saturday and I really enjoyed the lake and biking trails. The water was about 82 and it wasn't very crowded. My quads cramped up on my first attempt but with one more try I was up. I knew better than to try the wake board. Everyone looked like they almost drowned before letting go of the rope behind that thing. Go Postal of course popped right up and went the entire length of the lake with no problem.

Welcome Home Norm

Dad's cat was chased away by something big the night before they came home from the beach. His food was torn open and water bowl turned over and Norm was missing. For over two weeks Dad has been calling and looking for any sign of him. Last night (17 days later) my cousin called and said they had heard him under their house. Seems Norm ran under to escape whatever was chasing him but last week he had shut the access door and he had been locked in. Norm must not have realized he was so close to home....or too scared to try to come back. But Dad's voice danced last night as he called to tell me that he retrieved Norm and he looks good (he had plenty of body fat to allow him to survive such an ordeal I guess). From now on, Dad will turn on the A/C in the garage and Norm will be safely locked in while they travel. Welcome Home Norm!