Monday, June 30, 2008

SPAM Stinks

OK within a few minutes of posting that last entry I was spammed 6 times... I hate to make people type in that funky w o rd that Blogger uses to separate the real folks from the spamers but I guess I have no choice. Sorry, but nobody wants to see all that trash. But please keep the comments coming! It lets me know who is checking in.

If you don't ever comment...come on, its not that hard. You just have to remember a user name and password (for me my user name is my e-mail address) Not sure why its a Google address...I guess they are affiliated with Blogger.

Thanks Aunt L

A few years back Aunt L let my sister and I raid her Day Lilly patch. For the first couple of year's here they haven't done too much (mainly due to my lack of care I am sure) But just look at them now. Can I replace my whole front lawn and never mow again? And at the bottom, another benefit of ignoring your garden.....this looked like a weed, but ta-da its a left over from last Summer's wildflower mix I sprinkled.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mi Ahijada (My God Daughter) Sofia

Isn't she the sweetest thing... ? Her Grandmother bought her this exceptional linen dress from Puerto Rico for the big day. She was baptised in the Methodist church where her Daddy grew up. It was really nice, there were two babies baptised that morning and all the family and guests with each were assembled at the front of the church. I am deeply honored that her parents asked me to be such a special person in her life. Spanish for God Mother is Madrina.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sister Annie

Dad brings a long time member of my church with him now that she has moved to a nursing home (she's 90 years young) She has always seemed like a go getter to me. She and I talked about quilting this weekend, I never knew she was a quilter. Seems her mobile home was sold along with the contents when she made her recent move, and all her quilting templates were sold inside her desk except one.

So, she makes the same quilt pattern over and over, then hand quilts them. She has asked Dad several times if he would like one. I don't think her children are around much and she has run out of people to quilt for. I pray that if I live until I am 90 I keep my eyesight, dexterity, and mind so that I can still quilt. I also pray I never run out of friends and family to quilt for.

I told her about the guild's preemie quilt program and still had some photographs in the car from our recent show. She lit up when I suggested I send her a few tops and batting so she could quilt a gift for a baby and their family. You can bet I will make sure she gets a picture of the baby that receives her quilt.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Its Steamboat Next Year

Hard to believe, but the ski club has to choose a destination for our winter trips this far in advance to secure lodging and group air. We have selected to go to Steamboat next February. This was my first destination with this group back in 2001....time flies! We had some blue sky days, fresh powder, beatiful Aspen groves and a great town to mill about at night. But I don't want to wish my life away....there is still plenty of Summer, and my favorite season Fall to enjoy.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Quilt Show

Our Guild's show is this weekend and the members were treated to a private viewing last night. There are really some talented ladies in this group. Here are my entries. The first one many of you have signed...its my "Not Fretting Forty" made for me by my Miss Bee Having buddies last year for my suprise birthday party. It earned a third place ribbon in the group quilt category. Thanks to everyone who helped on this one....I love it!
The second quilt is "Four Turtles at Topsail" PL told me that if it won a ribbon she expected it to be still on it when I returned it to ok, it also got a third place ribbon in wall quilts-mixed technique. This is the first third place ribbon I have earned on my own!
The third quilt is "Mary's Pinwheels" and will be heading to London after the show. Mary is now about 6 month's old! I will use the technique of folded triangles to make the 3-D pinwheels again.
The last is Landon's quilt, made with some fabric I bought the day he was born. (I was in Breckenridge skiing!)
Our guild has gotten a newspaper article in today's paper about our show (complete with a picture of Salem Stitcher) and great television coverage on WFMY this morning. I left the house at 5:45am this morning to do a segment about our preemie quilt program.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Buddy is Riding a Bike!

Buddy is riding with no training wheels. I have also bought a used trail-a-bike that his little brother can use behind my bicycle. On one of my upcoming Friday's off...we will all head to Salem Lake for a good ride! His mother looked at me with a dissapointed you are going to make me ride again aren't you? She got a new mountain bike and rode a few times just before getting pregnant with yes, its time to get back on that bike! Good Job Buddy!

Here is an action shot from the Jumpaline party....Go Postal was bracing himself so I couldn't launch him.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jumpaline Party

I got to spend my birthday with the whole crew on the Jumpoline (this is what Buddy and Little Man call the trampoline at their new house) Kim, Mary and I liked to jump as kids...but things have changed a little for all of us. I don't remember being so swimmy headed and I am sure I am going to be sore tomorrow.
I got lots of nice gifts...a new purse from the sister that thinks I need to have more feminine accessories, a pair of flip flops that you can convert with velcro straps to match any outfit, and a beatiful rocker I spotted in Blowing Rock several months ago with Go Postal. Hmmm....that wasn't a crack at my age I hope. Anyway a great way to spend a birthday!