Monday, July 28, 2014

Shenandoah National Park

It was my first time to this park and Wade's first ever National Park. We camped two nights at the Big Meadows campground. He would not fall asleep...too much fun being in the camper with Mommy and Daddy. 

Several other ski club friends were there. Max and Wade completed the 1.8 mile Story of the Forest trail and earned ranger certified certificated which will be a great addition to our National Park wall in the quilt room. 

I hope this is just the start of many National Park visits for Wade...and he will embrace the beauty of his new homeland. 

And to top it off I got to scratch off "seeing a bear" from my bucket list. All the visits to parks out West and I have never seen a bear. We had two roadside sightings. It's not much of a picture but here is the proof!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Christmas in July

Mike gave me  tickets to see Porgy and Bess for Christmas because he remembered me saying I have always wanted to see it. We didn't know much about the story but had heard Doc Watson sing Summertime on many occasions. 

So we headed to Charlotte about lunchtime. Thanks cousin Greysen for watching Wade and giving us this nice afternoon and dinner out together. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Those Sweet Cheeks

Wade got bit on the cheek at daycare today by someone that wanted his toy. I think the teacher thought I was going to go off on her but my oldest nephew was a biter. I know the agony my sister felt every time she got another "incident" report from school.

 Now if I had been there I don't know if this mama bear would have been able to stay calm....maybe I need to show Wade how to throw an elbow. No just kidding, so far he gets high marks from his teachers on not being too quick to retaliate and always happy.  Hope he can keep that sweet, silly spirit as long as possible. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Another full week!

Mike and I had a great time on our first trip away from Wade. We left him in the cap blue hands of Aunt Kim and Uncle Jared while we spent 2 nights in the Georgia mountains. He didn't miss us at all it appears. 

We had a full week back home as I started the triathlon training. Swim on Monday, run Tuesday, swim Wednesday, bike Thursday and run Friday.  I can't put more than two leg the of the pool together without a rest and. Can't run solid for a half mile yet but well see. 

Friday was the big Krispy Kreme birthday. I boxed hot doughnuts for about three hours and then brewed coffee Saturday morning for the big party downtown. We took the Studebaker to the party but unfortunately the brakes gave us trouble on the way home and we had to call AAA. They may cancel my membership soon as this is the third tow in about four months.  I was following in the Explorer so we were cool as we waited for the tow. 

And finally look at the cool chair Mike made me. Ski and Tennis has one like this. The blue K2's were my first pair of skis. They were bought used in 1985 from a shop going out of business. I love it!!  He and Wade waited for me to finish the bike ride on Thursday them we all went out for Mexican. Pretty nice anniversary don't ya think?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It's time!

I have never run even a mile and haven't swam a lap on the pool since I was a teenager but it's time to try. I have been slowly letting my fitness decline and adding pounds. I have a two year old that I want to bike with, play ball with and be there for!

I didn't even know what a sprint triathlon was a week ago but starting next week I am training for one with 65 other women through Fleet Feet sports. The only kicker is that this year I won't be in town for the event. So I am using it as motivation to train, learn the proper way to glide through the pool, and run without getting injured. And hopefully this will be the kick start I need to make these workouts habit. 

The event will be swimming 225 yards (9 laps) biking 8 miles then running two. 

And even though I won't be there on race day I will celebrate all the other women who are stepping out to change their lives. 

And to make me accountable to someone other than myself, I will have fellow quilters Gina and Cheryl along for the ride....literally!  Let's see if the next six weeks can be lifestyle changing. And thanks to hubby for gladly supporting me and picking up my slack two nights a week with Wade so I can do this!