Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It's time!

I have never run even a mile and haven't swam a lap on the pool since I was a teenager but it's time to try. I have been slowly letting my fitness decline and adding pounds. I have a two year old that I want to bike with, play ball with and be there for!

I didn't even know what a sprint triathlon was a week ago but starting next week I am training for one with 65 other women through Fleet Feet sports. The only kicker is that this year I won't be in town for the event. So I am using it as motivation to train, learn the proper way to glide through the pool, and run without getting injured. And hopefully this will be the kick start I need to make these workouts habit. 

The event will be swimming 225 yards (9 laps) biking 8 miles then running two. 

And even though I won't be there on race day I will celebrate all the other women who are stepping out to change their lives. 

And to make me accountable to someone other than myself, I will have fellow quilters Gina and Cheryl along for the ride....literally!  Let's see if the next six weeks can be lifestyle changing. And thanks to hubby for gladly supporting me and picking up my slack two nights a week with Wade so I can do this!

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Tara Peltier said...

Good for you! I just did my first triathlon two weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. I hope you do too - good luck!