Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My One Word - Listen

Our Sunday School discussed the "One Word" message one of our members heard in Wilmington while visiting her son. We were to pick a word that represented something we wanted to work on in 2011. I chose Listen.....more to my husband (he doesn't often say much so when he does...., to those around me, to God)

Last night we got a call from Hickory, it was an offer on the lot we are trying to sell. At first my instinct was No Way...this is less than I paid for it and I deserve more. But remembering my word...I listened to my husband, I listened to God.....and a sense of peace came over me. Just take it...a few thousand dollars and in the scheme of things won't matter. The relief of having one less thing on my plate is worth it.

So we still have a house in Winston to sell and clean out, his father's estate to help with, and a barn to finish. But if everything goes well with the other party's financing....we won't have a lake lot anymore. And that sounds pretty sweet.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Buddy

Uncle Go Postal and I went down to Concord Saturday to celebrate Buddy's 9th birthday at the Great Wolf Lodge. Since it was cold and raining outside not a bad way to spend the day! We rode the water slides at the indoor park, had lunch and birthday cake then spent the afternoon playing Magic Quest. Can't believe its been 9 years since seeing him come into our world. Little brother wouldn't put on his wolf ears for the picture. Can you believe its almost April and this is what I saw coming down the stairs at the cabin this morning. I am ready for some 70 degree days, but I am afraid we will go straight into HOT.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sunday at Stone Mt

It was a little cooler on Sunday but still a great day to get out for some exercise....we headed up to Stone Mountain for about a 4.5 mile hike. Lots of climbing! We then met back at the cabin for some chicken and dumplings....yum. (I always need a food reward after exercising) Ken took the photos!
The new trail doesn't let you get on the rock face as much like the old trail did......probably a safety concern, it can be very slick if its wet.
The stream still had a lot of water flowing, sometimes this waterfall is a mere trickle.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


My 14 year old nephew asks "Aunt Leanne....have you heard of this band Journey, they are really good....." Yes Marshall, I was listening to "Open Arms" when I was aboout your age. We played their new album (with a great new lead singer who is every bit as good as Steve Perry) in the car headed to the ski slope. GP and I are headed to hear them on a Sunday evening in August in Charlotte....should be fun!! Come join us on the lawn!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Had to have it....So would have Mom

Mom loved:
1. Cats
2. Thimbles
3. Owls
4. Jewelry
5. Me (most of the time)

This is a TJ Lane thimble I gave her several years ago for Christmas.... When walking around the booths at Mid Atlantic I saw this thimble keeper with an owl Chatelaine at a vendor that represented TJ Lane silver. Mom has been gone almost 10 years and the surge of emotion I felt when I found it was matter what it cost, I needed it. I called GP and asked about an early birthday present...and of course he said fine. It makes me so happy to wear it....complete with the thimble I gave her (which luckily fits me so its functional too!)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Civil War to Space Stations

Last night I was completing my first Civil War block for SO's new block of the month....I cut the fabric wrong for one of the strips and got frustrated and tossed it down. I looked at my phone and saw it was exactly 7:23 and the paper said we should be able to see the space shuttle Discovery and the Space Station cross our nighttime sky. So I stepped outside the barn and looked up. Sure enough here came what looked like a bright light (like a fast moving plane) move across the sky. I wasn't sure that it was the shuttle for sure, but then to my delight I saw another bright light at about the same speed following the same trajectory! That was the Space Station! So re-energized I walked back into the barn and found a fabric from my stash to replace the one I cut wrong and started again....but thinking about what progress we have made in 150 years. Sure another quilter may have been making a block like this with some of these style fabrics...but not with the tools we have today. Maybe if I ever get to travel to space...I will take an old quilt with me.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beaver Dam

Go Postal's brother discovered some new residents back in the woods. This stream is at the back of the property line and usually is very shallow. Some beavers have moved in and put in a dam across the 12 foot span. Its cool to me, but they are afraid it may cause the bottom to flood and we will start to loose trees. Maybe I can convince them to wait till the babies are teenages before taking it down. We saw several deer on the walk down last night, but they don't spook me. The dark Coyote we saw slinking out of the woods last week did. There is a new movie coming out about Red Riding Hood, it looks scary....think I will skip it.