Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My One Word - Listen

Our Sunday School discussed the "One Word" message one of our members heard in Wilmington while visiting her son. We were to pick a word that represented something we wanted to work on in 2011. I chose Listen.....more to my husband (he doesn't often say much so when he does...., to those around me, to God)

Last night we got a call from Hickory, it was an offer on the lot we are trying to sell. At first my instinct was No Way...this is less than I paid for it and I deserve more. But remembering my word...I listened to my husband, I listened to God.....and a sense of peace came over me. Just take it...a few thousand dollars and in the scheme of things won't matter. The relief of having one less thing on my plate is worth it.

So we still have a house in Winston to sell and clean out, his father's estate to help with, and a barn to finish. But if everything goes well with the other party's financing....we won't have a lake lot anymore. And that sounds pretty sweet.


Bonnie K Hunter said...

I love this post! I think we often get to busy to listen, even to our own hearts.

I was thinking of you and the winston house when I drove up to Mt Airy on Saturday -- I wondered how things were going and if you had sold it. Funny, I listened, just now, and you told me :c)


cbquilts said...

Wonderful news!