Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fortune Cookie

My fortune cookie today said "This weekend will bring you a suprise" I hope its a good surprise and not a bad one. I am off with my quilting buddies for a short retreat, so who knows...that group can get a little crazy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Quilter's Send Off

Go Postals BIL lost his 95 year old grandmother over the weekend. As I read her obituary I learned about her very full life. One thing it mentioned was her love of quilting. But what a great image when we went to the visitation....her casket was covered with one of her quilts...a Cathedral Window instead of flowers. All four of her daughters also quilted and they noticed my quilted log cabin pin on my coat (and probably me pausing a little longer over her quilt than others). They immediately told me about all the quilts she made for family and church members over the years. Its great how we quilters can so quickly connect.
I remembered back to my mother's visitation. There were lots of folks I had never met before, but her quilt guild friends announced who they were and quickly offered to finish any projects that she may have in progress.....you just don't get that kind of warmth from most!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Worth Every Penny

No I wasn't this close to the Glen or Don at The Eagles concert Saturday night....but let me just say I can see why these guys can pull in $150 for a ticket. I gave Go Postal tickets for Christmas when I got an e-mail from American Express offering a early deal. I like the Eagles...I grew up listening to them...and still listen to them. Now, I have new respect for them....we LOVED their concert. Their new albulm "Long Road Out of Eden" proves they still have what it takes on vocals, something a lot of bands lack after thirty years. This show had excellent video that complimented each song and never distracted. They played some of the new stuff...and most of the old. They played for three hours. They looked like they were having fun...and appreciated their fans. They joked, they played the songs just like they were recorded, and nobody left the sold out venue dissapointed. Another item off the bucket list .... See The Eagles Live!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby its cold outside!

Mom knew it was going to be really cold last night and our heat pump does a better job when she doesn't close her bedroom door at night. So, SCORE...I got to sleep with her on the down comforter. Good thing, we woke up to 8 degrees. Rumor has it my buddy Banjo isn't doing so bad either. Go Postal has a space heater for his well house, and combined with his Orvis cat bed he is pretty well off too for an outside kitty. Well, back to my morning nap.......Zorro

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sparks were flying at the cabin!

I set out to put our Relay for Life raffle quilt top together this weekend, not remembering how long it takes me to put together 35 blocks and three borders. At one point Sunday afternoon, my featherweight became possesed (it was probably my Great Grandmother reminding me that for every stitch you sew on Sunday...you will rip out nine on Monday). It was if the pedal was stuck and there was no stopping it. I grabbed the wheel to stop the needle and looked down to literally see sparks around the pedal cord. I couldn't hold the wheel and reach to unplug the machine at the same time so I yelled for Go Postal. Luckily he is pretty handy and had the pedal apart and the offending short fixed so I was back at it soon. I finshed the top at 9pm and think it is going to be really great once quilted. Thanks to all in my Bee that helped cut and piece the blocks.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bucket List - Checked off in 2008

I have a to do list going almost every day....what I need to get done at work, for the ski club, at home etc. But one of the most fun lists I have made was my bucket list. A group of friends spent New Year's Eve last year dreaming up our personal synopsis of places to visit and things to experience before we die. We had a lot of fun sharing our lists as we welcomed in 2008.

Looking back at 2008, I was able to check off several items on my bucket list....and I reserve the right to add more as I travel on! I will probably never have the time or the money to do everything on the list...but what a nice dream.

My entire list was published last year about this time,

Here are the ones I completed:

11 Learn to make Biscotti (thanks Sharon)

21 Quilt the twin tops my great grandmother gave Mom for graduation

27 Teach a child to quilt (hope to repeat)

55 Picnic at Sunset atop a NC mountain (cut short by a approaching thunderstorm, will do again)

61 Donate a pony tail

62 Dress up like Princess Leah for Halloween (before #61)

75Have Laser Hair removal on my legs

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Insane Log Cabin

Scott Murkin presented at one of my local guild's last night. He is a great quilter, Dad, and physician all at the same time. This log cabin quilt is amazing. It is made with tiny log cabin blocks...each log measures 1/4". When a magazine wanted to published the pattern they calculated it would take 40 yds of fabric due to all these tiny seams. He said it took him 9 months to complete. Its great to have nationally recognized quilters in our area for inspiration! I love the Log Cabin pattern, but it would take me 9 months just to cut this out!

Friday, January 2, 2009

McKinley and I Donate our Hair

I have been growing out our hair now for a long time and about six months ago I asked my neice if she would like to donate hair with me. She took advantage of the Beatiful Lengths program sponsored by Pantene because they only require 8" of hair. Beatiful Lengths makes wigs for women battling breast cancer. I am sending mine to Locks of Love who makes wigs for children who lose hair for various reasons, my pony tails were 10" long. She was nervous about how short her hair would be when we were done...but she stuck by her promise and I know someone will be blessed to have her hair. Miss Teen assured her that every time she did something nice for someone else....her heart would grow, making room for more love. Her Mom (my sis) did the honor of cutting our hair. I know this is something we will remember doing for a very long time and I am proud of her.

Jedi Training Camp

Here is the class of the third Jedi Training Camp...note it is located in a secret South Georgia location. We are pretty certain that Yoda used to train under this old live oak tree as well.

Padawan McKinley has now participated in two Jedi Training camps...she could keep a balloon in the air using only her light sabre better than any of the boys.

Padawan Alden gave Darth Vader the deadly blow....the force is strong in this one! This is his second training camp.

Padawan Marshall has always been our best speeder rider. He can even hang on when it has flipped over. This is his third camp.

Padawan Landon showed great Light Sabre skills, this was his first training camp. They had to knock the balls out of the way and get through the line without being hit by one.