Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Relay for Life Raffle Quilt

Thank You so much to PM for the generous donation of this lovely blue Irish Chain quilt. It is hand quilted and is shown here on a double bed. Zorro wouldn't stay off for the picture so I just let him add scale! We will be raffling it to benefit Yadkin County's Relay for Life (American Cancer Society Fundraiser) Big Hug up to Cincinatti for this wonderful gift!

It looks like a Borg.....

For those of you that aren't Star Trek fans, the Borg were a race of people assimilated by machines, they had tubes and machine parts sticking out all over the place. My new ski boots are kind of like them. They put me in my new boot with a sock on and a pad over my ankle bones. They did try to leave a little space at the toes by putting a foam dam over the ends on the outside of the sock. Then the technician proceeded to use pliers to snug the shell up as tight as it would go. Then the fun started. (Now remember when I did this I already had skied two days and my feet were tender) They then mix up a foam that is inserted into the liners. First the tounge, then the heel and sides. This foam is so strong that I had to stand on a platform and pull up on bars using my arms so I wouldn't be lifted out of the footbed in the boot. If you had a suitcase of this foam you could lift a car I think. After five minutes of curing time...I had a new boot/liner that perfectly fits my foot. I do think it will make me ski better, but more importantly they fit perfect and hopefully will bring years of fun and comfort on the slopes. Just hate they are Carolina Blue.....

Monday, February 18, 2008

Photos from the Dominican Republic

Many quilting buddies contributed children's quilts for me to take with me on a recent business trip to the Dominican Republic. The area where our plant is located was hit hard by flooding and many families lost all their possesions. The plant manager help distribute about 30 are a few pictures he sent me this morning. Some went to a girl's orphanage down the street from our facility and others to the local hospital. Thank You so much to everyone that sent a quilt with me. Here is a quote from our plant manager "their love gave lots of warmth to many children in need and also to the many of us blessed by getting it to them on their behalf and yours"

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hello from Aspen!

Day One: Snowmass
Bluebird sky and high around 30 made for a great first day. We are staying in condos at Snowmass so we just have to walk across the street to hit the Gondola
Day Two: Aspen Mountain
This is the area right in Aspen, it is very intimidating when you look at the steep base....but you take a Gondola to the top and can ski all kinds of blue and black runs. It was snowing most of the day so visibility was tough.
Day Three: Aspen Highlands
I loved this mountain!!! This is the local's favorite ski area and I can see why. There were very few people on the slopes after lunch and it was a dream to ski with the few inches of fresh snow we received the night before. I had a problem with my ski boots on day two so had to buy new ones (this deserves a separate post). I had a little trouble by lunch with a bad headache. I think the elevation and de-hydration was contributing so I took an extra long lunch break. But, I saw Johnny Mosley leave the restaurant and I followed him and the group he was skiing with down a run just to see him ski! Johnny won the gold medal in the Salt Lake Olympics for moguls and did a trick called the dinner roll to win. I only recognized him because he also hosted a show on MTV.

Here is Go Postal and fellow Boonville Buddy at Puppy Point...I dared them to pose like Puppys. They skiied some double blacks while I took my lunch break but were still up for skiing until the lifts closed. I am not sure how long Go Postal could ski before needing a break....he is like the enegizer bunny and could go on and on and on. Whole Wheat also skiied with us in the morning and he is always great to give you a few pointers to help you get your turns even smoother since he teaches lessons up at Appalachian Ski Mountain.

Today is Day Four....and I am taking a rest day. My heart would love to ski because it looks like another great sunny day and the views will be awesome, but my legs are really tired so we are going out for breakfast then in to explore the town of Aspen. I will be an easy day on my legs...but maybe not my wallet! Too bad there is no quilt shop in Aspen! They are calling for another snow event starting tonight which may bring up to 8" of fresh snow. I will have to start singing the bunny foo foo song to get my rhythm for skiing in those conditions. I still need to hit Buttermilk and I will have been on all four mountains. We will ski Snowmass again on Friday because we want to see a "Big Air" competition they are having in the evening. Then the bus picks us up Saturday at 4:30 am for our trip back to Denver. Maybe we shouldn't even go to bed Friday night!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Little Man Turns 3

I was skiing three years ago when this nephew was born. Luckily this year our trip is one week later so I got to help celebrate.

Little Man and Friends decorate their train cakes.

Playing pin the nose on Thomas (everyone hit dead on so we are pretty sure they could see)

Happy Birthday to You

Guess who made his a Postal Car?

Summer Hours!

My employer announced today that we will work four ten hour days and get Friday's off for two month's this summer....June 15th through August 15th. More biking/quilting weekends I am thinking!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Almost Forgot CB's Top

Ooops I almost forgot...CB who was also very busy. Here is a top she completed, and started a second one. Salem Stitcher and KB got away before I took any pictures of their projects..but believe me the raffle quilt for the next H of T show is going to be a nice one!

Not quite all of our Bee was able to attend this year (we missed those who couldn't make it....and PM in Ohio, we toasted you Friday night and look forward to seeing you in May)

Quilt Retreat

Those that are close to me know that I only get quilting done when I get away for a retreat. I was able to finish this month's $5 block and complete a top for a baby girl. I also got some cutting done in preparation for setting last year's $5 blocks (but that one will have to be finished in May at the next retreat!)

Camp Dogwood Results

Check out what we gone done this weekend. Camp Dogwood (located on Lake Norman) is a great place for a small weekend retreat!

KF started this great Christmas quilt

MCH set her bright $5 blocks from last year's class using the BE setting that she had seen CB use

LP finished these three Southern Album Blocks

LP also finished this top for her neice's upcoming wedding

Train Party Coming!

Here is a shot of Little Man intently telling me about the upcoming Train Party....we will have photos on Friday after the big event!