Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Year

Here is to a 2010 full of Happiness for you and your family. I reflected on my bucket list this evening...and for 2009 I get to check off two.

Learn to play the Mandolin (I have a long way to go, but I have started) My nephew and I are playing Jingle Bells for the family next may be my first and last performance.

Learned to oil and clean my sewing machine

Considering I had a lot of time this year you would have thought I would have gotten to more of them, but they all seem to reqire a lot of $$ too.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Wonderful Suprise

Presents are always fun, but its even more fun when its unexpected. A friend made this great Log Cabin wallhanging for me this year as a thank you for getting her hiking and biking again. It was all my pleasure, and I look forward to many more adventures with her.
Doesn't this look great with my great grandmother's pie safe, the stars match!
Thank You (you know who you are) for making my day!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dirty Santa

Yes I play dirty, and stole this....but have you ever seen a cuter pin cushion? It even has some sand in the bottom to give it some weight....and the seeds....french knots.

Sorry Mrs Goodneedle for stealing

Thanks Salem Stitcher for making it, I cant wait to put it to use in my sewing room.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Day = Sew Day

I had to take a break from quilting this morning to go out an play in the snow. I hardly ever get my Explorer into 4 Wheel drive so I took it for a spin around the neighborhood. We had about 7" of snow and driving was pretty bad last night. Thankfully the sun is out and all the main roads are in good shape. The kids on the cul de sac weren't going to show me up....I made a skiing snowman to decorate the yard. Yes she ski's a little like me, sitting back too far and arms flailing by my side.

Now back to quilting...this Christmas present must get done by Friday!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Two Very Different Christmas Events

Sugar Maple and Tree Hugger invited us to attend a Christmas tour of 5 Yadkin wineries Sunday afternoon. You were given a grape vine wreath to start and each winery had a ornament for you when you visited. We started at Flynt Hill, then went to Ragapple Lassie. At our next stop Sander's Ridge we had a much needed break with some snacks! Then on to two I had not visited before.....The Divine Llama and Cellar 4201. It was a cold and wet afternoon so a great way to say inside with friends!

Saturday morning I took the boys to the Angel Breakfast at church. The volunteers did a great job leading us through some craft stations then on to a nice breakfast. There were Angels singing and a special Angel that told the group all about the night Jesus was born. Each child was sent home with an Angel ornament for their tree. My guys acted angelic....for most of the time!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Beadboard going up!

The sheetrock is finished in the upstairs room of the barn, so we started hanging the beadboard this weekend. Go Postal salvaged it out of a house years ago, so its nice to use it again. Both side walls will have it running horizontally....and I think it will really give the room some character. I loved using the air powered nailer, there is no way I could hammer in such a fine nail without bending them and making a mess.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Old Salem

Salem's Stitchers friend from Upper Case Photography inspired me to use Old Salem's backdrop for this year's Christmas picture of the boys. I won't ever have her talent or patience, but it was fun trying. We also took the boys to the candle tea at the Single Brothers house. We saw there was no line and put Bree in the car to wait for us. It was a nice way to kick of the Christmas season. My grandmother on my Dad's side made this red and white quilt with her sisters probably back in the 40's. Christmas is just three weeks away and I still have two quilts to I know what I need to be doing tomorrow!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Back at It...Kind Of

I am going back to work tomorrow....just some project work for now, and just two days a week. It will be good to use a different part of my brain again (it was getting really lazy) and this may turn out to be a position I want to take full time. But for now, I still have two gifts to finish for Chirstmas so am glad that I will still have a lot of ME time before the end of the year.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Trip to Georgia

Go Postal and I had a nice long weekend with Dad in South Georgia, including dinner at my favorite place for Catfish and cheese grits in Ray City. On the way home we stopped in Atlanta for lunch with Lila, Sofia, and Jaquelyn...they are getting so big!
I also set up a webcam for Dad, so now they can Skype to all the grandkids! If you haven't heard of Skype....its really pretty cool. For the cost of a webcam, you can video chat with anyone else in the world over the computer. FOR FREE! Check it out

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brenner Tree

Here are some elves from the quilt guild decorating this year's Brenners Tree. It was fun watching all the different groups ready there tree. The trees are sold to raise money for the children's hospital and a drawing is held to get the order they are selected by the buyers. We had tons of ornaments made of homespun fabrics, fabric toy blocks, and a garland made of fabric chain links. It turned out lovely. If you are in town this weekend you can attend the Festival of Trees and see them all.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Barn Progress

Here is the upstairs room that we are finishing in Go Postal's barn. The sheetrock is up on the end walls and ceiling...but on the side walls we are using salvaged bead board he retrieved about 15 years ago when building his log cabin. 1st step was to get it out of his father's barn and vacum (each piece) free of crud. This wall has two windows and will house the heating/cooling unit. The other side of the room has a solid wall. I think the beadboard will look great. Once all the insullation is covered the electrical outlets/lights can be installed and it will be ready for the inspector. If everything passes, POWER ON! We are also taking advantage of these pretty days to paint/stain the exterior. Thankfully he is getting some help from a long time friend who paints! I will post an exterior picture soon.
Banjo is ready for us to pause from working on the barn...and pet him!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Quilting Retreat

I got a ton done as usual in Black Mountain....some of the items are gifts so I won't post any pictures yet. I did finish up some Christmas stockings for Go Postal and I to use someday and we took a beautiful hike to the overlook above Montreat on Saturday morning. This time I had company on the hike. There is also lots of wonderfull food, so the hike is a great way to get up and burn some calories! We have been going to this lodge now for about 10 years and I hope we can continue to go for many many more. On top of the sewing I get done, my batteries are recharged by this hillarious group of ladies.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

Pretty Scary, Go Postal and I were grossed out by the lip ring and nose ring....don't think any piercings are in our future.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trip to the Mountains

Here is my buddy Roscoe enjoying the ride up to Beech Mt last week. We spent a few days rug hooking and enjoying the fall color. Don't you wish some days you could ride with your head out the sun roof and let your ears just fly!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bonnie Rocks

Go Postal gave me tickets to see Bonnie Raitt for my birthday this summer. The concert was Saturday night at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach. I came down with a bad cold, the weather was cold and windy...but we went anyway and I am so glad we did. Bonnie looks awesome and was one of those artists that really still seems to appreciate her audience. I didn't snap this picture (honoring her request for no photos) but could have. Her muscisians were very good as well and she played all my favorites! I couldn't believe people would actually go to the beach and never step foot on the sand, but I did that this weekend. We found a car show and a quilt shop to keep us busy Saturday before a great seafood dinner and the show.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mom would have been 70 Today

I think she would have been bothered by this number. I am trying not to be bothered by numbers like this, rather focus on quality of life at any age! She was about 7 years younger than I am now in this photo and already had three children (ok four if you include her first one here....Thai) If we could spend her birthday together today no doubt it would have included a Starbucks Latte and some Quilt Shops! Instead I will take comfort in my cup of coffee at home and continue to work on Christmas Stockings using some of the fabric from her stash.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This fabric has been out of print for a while, but it would have been the perfect backing for my nephew's Star Wars quilt I am making for Chirstmas. But alas...I drew the line at a $50.51 bid (for three yards) on ebay. I thought I was home free right up until 7 seconds left and someone entered $51.51 and I lost it.

Ebay is awesome, and will someday give me a heart attack. I need to start over on my search. There is a vintage Star Wars flat sheet that would work too.....the auction ends in 25 minutes so I better get back to bidding.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Buddy's Lego Entry

Here is Buddy's fair entry this year. He is in the 6-7 year old category and could have still used a kit but rather came up with the idea to make a car repair shop. I thought it was very creative and he loves to see his projects on display at the fair. Go Postal and I stopped by Saturday night and had time to see the exhibits, eat, and stroll though the yesterday villlage. I saw my first tractor pull and of course we didn't leave until we shared an elephant ear!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Look Who's a Quilter

Here is Dairy Queen with the center block of her $5 quilt. She cut out and stitched every piece in this one. Considering this is only the third block we have done together she did excellent. She was already excited about shopping for the fabric to complete the quilt.....a true quilter indeed.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Every Penny Adds Up

My change crock was finally so heavy I could barely move it to clean the carpets last week, so it got me thinking about cashing it in. I have also toyed with the idea of learning to play the mandolin, so when by chance I saw a music store in an old quilt shop location I thought it must be Karma. I had decided to buy a used mandolin with my change (Which to my delight was more than I needed at $430) I wouldn't feel as guilty making this purchase since its kind of like found money.

I sat down to take my first strum, and the owner said "is that how you plan to hold it?" Well yes, this feels natural to me. He took the mandolin out of my hand and said then you can't buy this one. I was perplexed, did he sense something about me that would not have taken care of this insturment....what could it be? Well, you're a southpaw and won't be able to play this F style mandolin. I have to have an A style wich doesn't have the curl (or pay the big bucks for a lefty F style that start at around $1,000) So we ordered a beginner's A style mandolin that he will re-string for me to play left handed. I guess once Allison Krauss or Sam Bush invite me to play with them I will consider an upgrade.
I may not be able to grasp this instrument, but its something that was on my bucket list to try and since I have some time for lessons and practice right now I decided to go for it. Nobody tell Dad oldest nephew and I want to suprise him at Christmas with a fiddle/mandolin duo performance.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sisters Weekend 2009

This year to save $$ we stayed at my house and "crafted" They worked on photos and scrapbooks for their kids and I quilted all day Saturday. A pedicure then dinner at Milners completed the day. Sunday we went to church with Go Postal which set us right in the middle of Yadkin's wine country. We had brunch at Century Kitchen then visited Sanders Ridge and Ragapple Lassie.

Middle sister had Monday off, so after a little bit of shopping we picked up Bull and headed over to eat lunch with Buddy. I think he enjoyed having such a big group at the special visitor's table with him.

This was our 6th year (I think) and we hope to keep this tradition going for a very very long time. We moved around a lot as kids, so I can honestly say these are my only two life long friends. Although I am the first to admit I wasn't always the best of friend as the oldest sister when we were little.......they reminded me of the Barbie doll hanging I staged for them one time.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Boone for the Weekend

Go Postal and I headed to Boone this weekend to catch an Appalachian State football game with his college roomates. Luckily the couple that has a cabin up there routed the game from the internet to their 52" flat screen because it poured rain most of Saturday. Sunday was nice and we got out and strolled some of the downtown shops and headed up to Howard's Knob a small park that looks back down on Boone. All three guys had Jeeps in college and spent a lot of their free time exploring the many roads and trails around the area. The leaves we just starting to show a hint of color and we enjoyed the break from working in the insullation and catching up with his old friends.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Looks like a bad idea!

2 Boys
Light sabres
on a Trampoline

Sure, why not.....Aunt Nane is babysitting and if I hadn't already showered for church, I would be out there with you.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I'll Make mine Blue

I picked up this pattern at a quilt shop in Estes Park Colorado. I loved all the stars and the snowmen are doing all kinds of winter sports...skiing, sledding etc. I haven't done a quilt like this before and think it will be fun. I think I will make mine in blue. There are several projects ahead of this one, but I can go ahead and have the patterns traced and have some hand work ready to go when I need a project to travel with.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Back Home

8 Days out West
4 National Parks
30 Hours Driving

Whole Wheat and I biking in Moab. This 9 mile trip took us to the border of Arches NP and gave us a taste of biking on the sandstone surface that makes this region famous.
Whole Wheat and Dairy Queen with me at Delicate Arch near Sundown. It was awesome, until the little mice come out to see what all the hikers have left behind at the end of the day.

My house in Casper where I spent 5 years between 4th and 9th grades. Our neighbors across the street still lived there...after 27 years she smiled when she saw me at her front door. My little buddy Gary grew up to be an electrical engineer and has a little boy that looks just like the one I remember playing hours of catch with!

Dad and Teen at the Tetons. She had never seen this park or Yellowstone! They even got to see a Grizzly on the way out. That is still on my bucket list, as I departed using the West Enterance and they went East. Fun time together!

My Mom's little brother...My Uncle Fred dancing with his daughter at her wedding. She looks a lot like our grandmother. She wasn't even born yet when we left she is a nurse and married!

This week its now back to the job search and catching up on chores. Go Postal and I are also putting up insullation in the walls of the car barn this week.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Headed to Wyoming

I lived in Casper from the 4th grade though 9th grade. My Uncle Fred moved out there and found work at the coal fired power plant. His daughter is getting married this weekend and I booked all the travel plans for my Dad. At this last minute I decided ...why not cash in some frequent flyer points and join them. I haven't been to Casper in 30ish years, it will be another chance to visit one of my childhood homes and see some family that I rarely get to see. After the wedding we are headed to the Tetons and Yellowstone. From there I am not sure what I will find to do! I do think some quilt shops will be discovered.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Sew Day

Love it when you take your stuff off site! Some of us did that on Saturday! I got a preemie top ready for my step mom to quilt and my next $5 quilt blocks ready. I also started Christmas stockings!! I never seem to dedicate 6 hours to sewing if I am at home...too many other distractions.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Nap Blanket

Our guild is making nap blankets for a kindergarten class in a low economic region of our city. Often these little guys lay down on the floor with nothing. I had some Harry Potter fabric that was begging to be used just for this. We were asked to use about a yard of fabric and simply sew a front to a back and flip it inside out to finish. I had some left over flannel from a nephew's quilt so thought it would make a cozy back. I haven't fliped anything right side out like this in a long time, but I was taken back to my first 4H project...a babushka (head scarf) and my Mom standing over me reminding me to take my time and showing me how to use a pin to pull out the fabric at the corners and getting them crisp before pressing and top stitching. This project didn't take long at all and I hope it lands with someone that also loves to dream about wizards, dragons, and good winning over evil.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ta Da

Lesson Learned: Painting over red is hard. I closed the door today after the hardware was on and I had used about three coats of black, just to see some red still peeking through in some of the cracks. So much for nice even brush strokes, I dabbed more on in the offending spots and called this project done. Now I just need to do the garage doors, the mailbox post, and touch up the beadboard in the kitchen. The house UF project list is almost as long as my quilting UFO's!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cant Stay Focused

I have to space in some odd jobs with the sewing and playing this summer or I am going to look back and think how I have wasted this time off from work. So this morning I set out to paint the front door. It had been a few weeks since I bought the paint so I took it back by the store so they could give it a good shake. Then the grocery is right near so I popped in for groceries. Oh and I haven't had breakfast...Bisquitville. So I get home its now 10:30. Go find the tape, extra newspaper and paintbush. WHERE IS THE PAINTBRUSH. Must have left it over at sis's the last time I helped her. So it will be off to Lowes, which is next to the bank....I need to make a ski club deposit (go upstairs to get the deposit typed up), start reading blogs....... OK, focus the door will be painted today!
The sun just cooks this door and the paint really gets faded after a few years, its been green and most recently red but this time I am matching the shutters and trying glossy black.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


You would have thought it was Christmas at the Grand Opening of the new Lego store in Concord Mills. At one point there was a 40 minute line just to get in. Buddy is a Lego fanatic and we both bought a Star Wars kit.

Here we are standing by a lifesize Star Wars character made from Legos.

We also helped build some blocks to use in the 8 foot tall R2D2 they were building in the food court (which won't be done until Sunday) We got Star Wars posters and the Master Builder autographed them, here is what mine said:

Aunt Leanne - Play On! (Then he drew a little Lego)

Good Advice, I sure have had a lot of play time this summer!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I hate mosquitos...why God allowed two of them on the Ark I will never understand. This time of year I either shower in pure DEET or suffer the consequences. Anyone have any luck with any other products that aren't as toxic as DEET? I would love to try it. The skintastic and other "family friendly" sprays don't seem to phase them for me.

Yes thats a strange shot, but I got hit about ten times in a matter of seconds when cutting down some undergrowth in my natural area today. The first hard freeze of the year can't come soon enough!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Zoo In August - HOT

It was a hot one at the NC Zoo yesterday, but its the last week before the boys head back to school. The elephants didn't mind the heat, but the polar bears stayed inside. We had fun watching the sea lions and harbor seals sail past the windows in their tanks....almost showing off on how they can glide by upside down, super fast, or right up to the windows to rub their tummies against the glass. Friday is our last outing, we are hitting the grand opening of a new Lego's store in Concord Mills. We get to be a part of building a huge R2D2 out of Legos.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Another UFO!

Middle Sister decided about 4 or 5 years ago she would like to make a quilt when visiting me. We bought the fabric to make a simple throw for her living room. I realized last time I visited her that even though she completed sewing all the squares together...the time to put the borders on and get it finished just weren't in her future. So I took it home with me (knowing I have a little more time right now to sew) and got it done this morning. I think we will find a long arm quilter to finish it up as it will get used and laundered a lot....1 Husband, 2 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Another Rider!

Here is the newest bike rider in the Family. He just turned 4 in February, I won't be able to keep up by the time he is 10 I am sure. We have to get him a big boy helmet, this one looks like its for a baby, not someone that can ride their own bike.


Look who has tunneled into the basement looking for a snack. Good thing I have kept up the termite contract on my house. They abandoned this tunnel because they didn't find any cardboard or wood to chew on. Little did they know that if they had just tried the other side of the basement they would have hit paydirt. I have a ton of furniture packed down there as we have cleaned out grandparents homes. You know the "I might use it someday" story. So next week its clean up time, here I come Good Will.