Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trip to the Mountains

Here is my buddy Roscoe enjoying the ride up to Beech Mt last week. We spent a few days rug hooking and enjoying the fall color. Don't you wish some days you could ride with your head out the sun roof and let your ears just fly!!


Salem Stitcher said...

Roscoe makes me laugh every time I see him do that. He is a funny boy.

Next time, I'm going with you guys.

quiltteacher said...

Roscoe has a good mummy, My mummy will not let me have my head out the sun roof. She thinks I'll jump out. Your friend,
King of Fernleaf

Carrie P. said...

Let's just day I am glad that my ears are not big enough to flap in the wind. lol He is certainly enjoying himself. Hope you did too.