Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Every Penny Adds Up

My change crock was finally so heavy I could barely move it to clean the carpets last week, so it got me thinking about cashing it in. I have also toyed with the idea of learning to play the mandolin, so when by chance I saw a music store in an old quilt shop location I thought it must be Karma. I had decided to buy a used mandolin with my change (Which to my delight was more than I needed at $430) I wouldn't feel as guilty making this purchase since its kind of like found money.

I sat down to take my first strum, and the owner said "is that how you plan to hold it?" Well yes, this feels natural to me. He took the mandolin out of my hand and said then you can't buy this one. I was perplexed, did he sense something about me that would not have taken care of this insturment....what could it be? Well, you're a southpaw and won't be able to play this F style mandolin. I have to have an A style wich doesn't have the curl (or pay the big bucks for a lefty F style that start at around $1,000) So we ordered a beginner's A style mandolin that he will re-string for me to play left handed. I guess once Allison Krauss or Sam Bush invite me to play with them I will consider an upgrade.
I may not be able to grasp this instrument, but its something that was on my bucket list to try and since I have some time for lessons and practice right now I decided to go for it. Nobody tell Dad oldest nephew and I want to suprise him at Christmas with a fiddle/mandolin duo performance.

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Salem Stitcher said...

This is too weird. I bought a Woodrow this weekend in Black I just have to learn to play it.

First the reading glasses and now stringed instruments. We must be sisters.