Monday, June 28, 2010

Go Postal is getting ready too....

Wedding plans are all coming together. While I finish up programs, seating assignments, flowers etc, Go Postal is also working on a few assignments. He is finding a song from every artist we have seen together for a CD....which is he taking very seriously. Also, as I was working upstairs in the quilt room he was downstairs getting the vehicles ready. The Studabaker isn't running and had to be towed into the barn. We first had to get the bats off the car cover...and he put some mouse traps into the car a few days ago to make sure it was critter free before moving into the new barn. So the plan is to drive away from the church with the top the Flamingo colored Studabaker. Then we will leave the reception in the Willy's Jeep. I am sure he will spend his Saturday morning of the wedding putting the final shine on the cars.
His Dad continues to struggle, please keep him in your prayers.
Banjo was also not well yesterday. We couldn't get him to move much and he had not eaten well for a few days. He got to spend the night in the air conditioned quilt room and seemed better this morning, but he is at the vet for a check up today just to be sure.

Monday, June 21, 2010

In the Country

I was driving to GP's on Saturday after running some errands at home and laughed as I saw a billy goat (that is normally tied in the front yard of a house I pass) lounging on the hood of the resident's a cat. Yep, I am moving to the country.

Then when I got to the cabin, this is what the view was from the front yard. This big tractor scooping up all the hay.....then it paused.....and left this:

Its like it was laying an egg....pretty cool, I had never actually seen the machine that makes these up close. Yep I am moving to the country.

Then GP got home with the long awaited newest machine in the fleet of cars/trucks/tractors etc. A new zero turn radius mower. It is a little difficult to drive (I tried it and will not be ready to mow until I practice more) Even to get it to go in a straight line is tricky since you push forward with two different handles. But he mowed his father's field in about an hour....versus the almost four it takes on the tractor. This baby will pay for itself quick in time! Giving us more time to enjoy living in the country. Now if we can just figure out how to reduce the mosquito population!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

He's Ready

OK Sofia, your escort is going to look GOOD in his tuxedo.


The potato vines were withering away....which meant it was time to check for potatoes underground. Its the first time I have tried to grow potatoes and may be the only crop safe from the deer and ground hog. Drizzle Olive oil and some rosemary over these and oven roast....yummy!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mall Jumping

I let the kids do the jumping thing at the Mall as a reward for being dragged around shopping for wedding stuff all Saturday. OK, my neice didnt mind the shopping but my nephew was less than enthused shopping for shoes. I only found out later that adults can do this too....maybe next time!! Neither would do a flip which suprised me....its good they have a little fear still left I guess.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Check, Check, and Check

We got the boys all measured for their tuxes today....and stopped to show middle sister the reception venue in Yadkinville. There was another group setting up for a wedding tomorrow and I asked the lady what she was doing for of my outstanding to do's. She said she found white ones on sale at Sears for $2 less than she could rent them. I paused then offered to pay her half if she would let me rent them for my wedding.......DEAL! My neice has her dress so we tweaked a color of her brother's tie a little....and tomorrow its a quest to find shoes and a veil. Sunday we are taking a bike ride with the preacher....I wonder how many others got their pre-marital counseling on a bike? Then I have to get ready for the quilt guild meeting on Monday, not probably the best time in my life to take over as President, but I have a great board and it will all calm down in a few months I am sure. Oh No!...sister just called they left the dress at the tux shop, I am off to retrieve it.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Gift of a Day

We were supposed to go on a hike Saturday, and one of the participants forgot about another event they had already comited too and had to cancel. I know he felt bad, but what a blessing a Saturday....with nothing planned can be. I caught up on just a few things that were severely neglected lately. After all the chores, Go Postal and I enjoyed a bowl of ice cream on the porch swing, finished all but the very last row of flooring in the barn and went to see his Dad. A pretty full day.

Here is Zorro strutting around after loosing all this winter fur on the table. Too bad there isnt a way to use cat fur as quilt batting.

Go Postal needed some new annuals in this trough at his cabin. He will be having lots of visitors in a few weeks so things need to get spiffed up a little.

I havent had such a poor showing of flowers since moving into my house. I dug up all this grass and replaced......

With double wave petunias.........

I was able to get my two $5 quilt blocks cut out (in between my material handling duties of brining more flooring into the barn and staging them for Go Postal)
And finally, here is Banjo.... so exhausted from watching all the work in the garden (I had to chop out a lot of grass and do damage assesment....the deer are chomping all the tops off the tomatoes and the ground hog has completely eaten all the cucumber vines)
I bought some more deer repelant and the ground hog has a bounty on its cute little head......He is also burrowing under the pack house and making the foundation unstable so he needs to be gone. I also got Banjo brushed although I had to physically pick him up from this position and take him over to the stairs to get his brushing. I put all his fur in the garden to see if it will deter any visitors. It was a hot day and my legs are very sore from all the bending over....but how nice to get the unexpected time, we will reschedule the hike soon I hope.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Birthday Fun

What a great day for a birthday....its National Doughnut can get any one you want for Free today at Krispy Kreme.

I also had a free Latte compliments of Starbucks

Last night Go Postal, Sis and the boys all went out to celebrate both our birthdays. Here we are sharing a dessert. I use the word "sharing" was more of a race on the boys part....afraid they wouldnt get their share.
One more night of celebrating....Thai food and birthday cake with Go Postal and his Dad. Then the rest of June will be used to work on getting into swimming suit shape for our trip to Hawaii.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Sew Day

Thanks Mrs Goodneedle for taking some pictures of the first sew day in the barn. We didn't quite get the flooring down and we still have to put up the trim but the Bee didn't seem to mind. We had power and AC, so the basics are there. Salem Stitcher is laying out blocks, I am basting a quilt and others are either piecing or quilting by hand. Plans are to have my computer, TV and couch on one side....a design wall, cutting island, and sewing space on the other.

Downstairs is the begining of Go Postal's man cave. He will have room to park his old cars, work on projects out of the weather....and even wash cars/bikes in the back. I guess we will just meet back at the cabin to use the bathroom and eat!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Barn Warming!

The bee packed into the new quilt room at the barn yesterday afternoon for an afternoon of sewing. Some were doing hand work and some were piecing away. A few of us took advantage of the floor space to lay out blocks and baste quilts. We had a great dinner (everyone brought something to share and GP grilled some chicken for us) But look what we had as a treat for dessert. OhQuilter (who is a charter memeber of our bee but moved to Cincinatti : ( for a new job) sent us some of Cincinatti's Graeters ice cream to share. We all lined up with our bowl and spoons to check out these very cool blueberry pie, buckeye blitz, butter pecan and I think my favorite the Chocolate Cocunut Almond Chip. My sister got wind of the feast and showed up with the boys to share. Little Man stood at the front of the line bowl and spoon in hand wearing his shorts and cowboy boots. My grandparents lived in Ohio but I had never tried this ice was yummy. Thanks OhQuilter for thinking of us, wish you could have been with us to share! And yes there were a few left over and if Go Postal's Dad gets a little better we will take a pint up to him....he likes ice cream almost as much as the boys.