Monday, June 28, 2010

Go Postal is getting ready too....

Wedding plans are all coming together. While I finish up programs, seating assignments, flowers etc, Go Postal is also working on a few assignments. He is finding a song from every artist we have seen together for a CD....which is he taking very seriously. Also, as I was working upstairs in the quilt room he was downstairs getting the vehicles ready. The Studabaker isn't running and had to be towed into the barn. We first had to get the bats off the car cover...and he put some mouse traps into the car a few days ago to make sure it was critter free before moving into the new barn. So the plan is to drive away from the church with the top the Flamingo colored Studabaker. Then we will leave the reception in the Willy's Jeep. I am sure he will spend his Saturday morning of the wedding putting the final shine on the cars.
His Dad continues to struggle, please keep him in your prayers.
Banjo was also not well yesterday. We couldn't get him to move much and he had not eaten well for a few days. He got to spend the night in the air conditioned quilt room and seemed better this morning, but he is at the vet for a check up today just to be sure.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

GP's Dad is in our prayers, as is Banjo! I love the thought of him spiffing up the cars for the wedding and reception getaways... such great task for him. I know the CD will be great too. Wow~ The days have flown... you're almost in the week of the final countdown! :)

Nane said...

Thanks, Banjo has a bad throat infection and was dehydrated. So he gets to spend a week in the air conditioned room and take some medicine. GP may freak when he sees the bill, unfortunately no co-pay option at the vet.