Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Barn Warming!

The bee packed into the new quilt room at the barn yesterday afternoon for an afternoon of sewing. Some were doing hand work and some were piecing away. A few of us took advantage of the floor space to lay out blocks and baste quilts. We had a great dinner (everyone brought something to share and GP grilled some chicken for us) But look what we had as a treat for dessert. OhQuilter (who is a charter memeber of our bee but moved to Cincinatti : ( for a new job) sent us some of Cincinatti's Graeters ice cream to share. We all lined up with our bowl and spoons to check out these very cool flavors....like blueberry pie, buckeye blitz, butter pecan and I think my favorite the Chocolate Cocunut Almond Chip. My sister got wind of the feast and showed up with the boys to share. Little Man stood at the front of the line bowl and spoon in hand wearing his shorts and cowboy boots. My grandparents lived in Ohio but I had never tried this ice cream...it was yummy. Thanks OhQuilter for thinking of us, wish you could have been with us to share! And yes there were a few left over and if Go Postal's Dad gets a little better we will take a pint up to him....he likes ice cream almost as much as the boys.

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

It was a special day; topped off in simply the BEST way!

Thanks, Nane for hosting and thanks to OhQuilter for the sweet surprise!