Friday, June 4, 2010

Birthday Fun

What a great day for a birthday....its National Doughnut can get any one you want for Free today at Krispy Kreme.

I also had a free Latte compliments of Starbucks

Last night Go Postal, Sis and the boys all went out to celebrate both our birthdays. Here we are sharing a dessert. I use the word "sharing" was more of a race on the boys part....afraid they wouldnt get their share.
One more night of celebrating....Thai food and birthday cake with Go Postal and his Dad. Then the rest of June will be used to work on getting into swimming suit shape for our trip to Hawaii.


Gina said...

Happy Birthday! Fletch wants to get his free doughnut today, too.

Karen Newman Fridy said...

Happy birthday!!

Salem Stitcher said...

Happy Birthday! What would be better than free latte & a free doughnut!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I heard this morning that it was free doughnut day! Happy birthday, Nane... looks like you've been enjoying every minute! A free latte and doughnut, that's reason to celebrate right there.