Monday, June 21, 2010

In the Country

I was driving to GP's on Saturday after running some errands at home and laughed as I saw a billy goat (that is normally tied in the front yard of a house I pass) lounging on the hood of the resident's a cat. Yep, I am moving to the country.

Then when I got to the cabin, this is what the view was from the front yard. This big tractor scooping up all the hay.....then it paused.....and left this:

Its like it was laying an egg....pretty cool, I had never actually seen the machine that makes these up close. Yep I am moving to the country.

Then GP got home with the long awaited newest machine in the fleet of cars/trucks/tractors etc. A new zero turn radius mower. It is a little difficult to drive (I tried it and will not be ready to mow until I practice more) Even to get it to go in a straight line is tricky since you push forward with two different handles. But he mowed his father's field in about an hour....versus the almost four it takes on the tractor. This baby will pay for itself quick in time! Giving us more time to enjoy living in the country. Now if we can just figure out how to reduce the mosquito population!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

For sure, GP needed that mower! I can relate to the practice time needed sort of like longarm machine quilting! YAY, you're moving to the country!! :) I am so happy for you.

Salem Stitcher said...

Okay, now I've GOT to see that hay bailer in action.

quiltteacher said...

You need to get a mosquito deleteto.It is a propane device that attracts mosquitos in a large area, then zaps them! We have one for our back yard...and it works!

Karen Newman Fridy said...

I love round hay bales lying in a field. Something about that...just seems peaceful or something.

A goat on a car? Now that's something else! :)

Almond-Rubio Family said...

Moving to the country!!!! YAY!