Saturday, December 28, 2013

We will pay it forward

A retired postman called Mike and wanted to come meet Wade. He had retired before Mike started at the post office but like most small towns they knew each other and had heard we adopted. His wife and him stopped by on Saturday morning and gave him a book, a little truck and some pj's. But as we visited they told us a story of how the local hardware store owner showed the mailman a lineup of new tricycles one day when he was in the store. He said "which one do you like best"? He selected one and the man got it off the shelf and said "here I heard you adopted a boy, and I want him to have it". The mailman's son is now 43 and he had told his wife then he would do the same for another adopted boy someday. Wade got to be that boy. And yes we can't wait to do it for another!!!

New items in the sewing room

The little quilt shop in Hahira Ga is named Sew Blessed. When I saw this sign I knew I had to have one for my sewing room. 

And how perfect is this growth chart?  It was my first purchase off Zullily. It even has his name printed on the top. My side walls aren't tall enough to hang it at the right height but we will find a spot soon. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Last Year at Christmas

Here is Wade with his friends in Kaifeing last Christmas. He is in the arms of the second lady sitting from the left in gray. She did the best she could to love on him but his family and friends are really going to show him the love this Christmas!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Another week zips by....

We had our company party and a church covered dish and the ski club party all this week. 

The international Krispy Kreme stores have more freedom when it come to customizing doughnuts.  As a part of our all team meeting they made these Santa's for each employee. Wade thinks Mommy has the best job ever!

We also got to eat with Landon at his school this week since we were done at the ENT right at lunchtime. Landon helped show Wade how to sit on the big boy stools. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Wade doesn't want anything bro do with Santa. We had a pancake breakfast with Max at his preschool. Santa was all set up in the corner and Wade watched Max climb up in his lap and discuss his Christmas wish (some Mickey Mouse cookies). When it was Wade's turn he burst into tears. But luckily a big plate of pancakes made him feel better.

Next we stopped at Mrs Hanes cookie factory and he didn't mind Mrs Clause handing him a cookie. 

He has left the tree alone pretty well but likes to point out the truck and bike ornaments. This boy likes wheels. 

Mom gave me a resin nativity set years ago so we just set out the main players this year. He likes to put all the animals inside the stable and will tell the baby night night each evening. 

Tonight we are having Caroline come stay with him so we can do some shopping and have a dinner out!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving with Cousins

Wade got to spend four days with his cousins as we all visited Grandaddy and Teenie for Thanksgiving.  He had a ball trying to keep up with all the big kids.  Even the nine hour car ride was made easier on him since there was a boy on each side with a game or movie always in hand. It doesn't seem like very long ago that Marshall (now almost 17) was learning to swing on this tire swing.