Saturday, December 14, 2013


Wade doesn't want anything bro do with Santa. We had a pancake breakfast with Max at his preschool. Santa was all set up in the corner and Wade watched Max climb up in his lap and discuss his Christmas wish (some Mickey Mouse cookies). When it was Wade's turn he burst into tears. But luckily a big plate of pancakes made him feel better.

Next we stopped at Mrs Hanes cookie factory and he didn't mind Mrs Clause handing him a cookie. 

He has left the tree alone pretty well but likes to point out the truck and bike ornaments. This boy likes wheels. 

Mom gave me a resin nativity set years ago so we just set out the main players this year. He likes to put all the animals inside the stable and will tell the baby night night each evening. 

Tonight we are having Caroline come stay with him so we can do some shopping and have a dinner out!

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