Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Visit

Getting 4 Monkey to pose for Christmas card pictures is about impossible...the only thing that helped was that I told the boys we could jump in the leaves if they did a good job standing still. We were at Kim's home for Thanksgiving...had ham, fried turkey and all the trimmings. The three sisters were at Target for the 6am doorbusters on Friday. The SuperTargets in Atlanta have Starbucks built right inside so after the first thirty minutes of dash (I had some pre-assigned items to get for Mary) we all enjoyed Lattes. Perfect!
Dad and Teen are here with Kim's two...we all hope to be together again the weekend before Christmas, this time dinner will by Ray's Mill Pond cafe in Ray City Georgia. (Catfish and Cheese Grits...Yum)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Z Kittty

Pets have always been a part of my life, my Mom had a Siamese (Thai) before she met my Dad...and he didn't pass away until I was in Jr High. I had to say goodbye to Z Kitty (my Lilac Point Siamese) this weekend...his kidneys were failing him and there was no need to watch him continue to decline. All who knew him would agree he had the most beautiful blue eyes and loved nothing more to sit on your lap or behind your head on the couch. He was 13. I was made to think about all that has happened in my life in 13 years...I have said goodbye to all four grandparents and my mother. But I have also gotten three wonderful nephews and a niece. The circle of life thing is sometimes hard to take. Go Postal put Z Kitty to rest beside Mocha...and I am not sure I could have done that without his help. Z Kitty loved to squeeze between us on the couch when watching TV. Pets are one of God's little blessings that often help remind me of what unconditional love really means. Zorro and I will miss him.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What a Weekend!

I took a few days off work, and quilted at my semi-annual Quilt retreat, went to a Laidies Holiday dinner with Go Postal's sister....and finished off with a hike up Hawksbill to celebrate Dairy Queen's birthday!
The color in our NC mountains was late this year, and even though we were a few weeks past the peak, the view was great and sure beat sitting at the computer in the office!

I was able to complete the quilt tops for Sofia and my Not Fretting Forty signature quilt, they will be off to the long arm quilters ASAP.

In addition let me say what a charitable group my quilting friends are. I shared with them my desire to take some children's quilts to D.R. (see earlier post) and Salem Stitcher provided over 20 alone. I know these will brighten the faces of many kids and give them something to treasure of their very own.

The Ladies Dinner was a great way to kick off the Holiday season and remind me not to get caught up in every little detail preparing for the gift giving, meal planning, etc...but to remember the real meaning of this special time of year.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Lake Norman State Park

This is the best mountain bike I have ever owned! The wide tires, great suspension and women's fit....helps me ride better than ever. We checked out the 12 miles of singletrack trails at Lake Norman State park on Sunday and had a great fall afternoon. The trails there have several banked turns, lots of undulating sections and very few obstacles. On the last six miles, Dairy Queen and I kept the same pace as the guys...thanks in part to my Trek Fuel 9 wsd.

To check out Lake Norman State Park visit their website:

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Maybe I'll make a quilt!

Several families that work at our plant in the Dominican Republic have lost their homes due to the flooding from Noel. Most of us in the United States are blessed to be able to replace most material things without too much effort. When you make $2/hour and have no insurance this loss must seem overwhelming.

I will be travelling to this plant the week after Thanksgiving, and rather than making a monetary contribution (like many of my fellow employees will) I hope to take a few small quilts. Maybe the bright fabric will bring a smile to the face of a child in what must be such a scary time.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat

Sorry Brie, No Chocolate for Dogs!

Happy Halloween

Thomas the Train is ready to go!

Optimus Prime...The Good Transformer