Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Final Steps ....

We received our I 800 Provisional Approval in the mail yesterday. This now signals the National Visa Center to send us a letter approving Wade's Visa to travel back to the States with us with his Chinese name and passport. Once issued (5 to 7 business days) our agency will take it to the US Consulates office in China for their approval (another two weeks). This will then signal the Chinese Childrens Welfare Agency to issue us travel approval (another 2 to 4 weeks ). Once travel approval is granted our agency will match us with other families and we will be told when to arrive in Beijing.

We may only have two weeks to book tickets and get packed!

This timeline looks like it can be anywhere between mid March and mid April.

We visit daycares on Wednesday and I am going to start on Wades room this weekend! We also have already picked up a hiking backpack from Craigslist and have our eye on a used bike trailer in Greensboro ....so he will be ready to go once we get home and get outside with us in the beautiful Carolina Spring!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hard to believe this is my 500th post! But as I look back I see a lot has happened in this timespan. I really blog as a way of journalling some thoughts/photos to enjoy down the road. I have considered having these printed on a little paperback because just like photos I am more apt to look at them in an album versus online.

I am thinking once Wade is home there will be lots more reasons to post so getting to 1,000 posts won't take long!

We found out last night that the adoption tax credit that had expired in 2012 was permanently renewed. I almost feel a little guilty getting it with our country's spending deficit so out of balance. Adoption is expensive and this credit may allow more children to have homes and this is just a drop in the bucket when you look at this country's money problems.

Thanks for reading, even though this is mainly for me....it's fun to see comments. And on our trip this may be the best way to share our experience as China blocks Facebook posts.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Snow Fun

Well weather wise it wasn't the best for skiing or sledding. It rained on Friday and was in the 50's on Saturday but we still had fun.

We went skiing at Seven Springs. A resort near Somerset PN with terrain similar to Snowshoe.

Max was with us, check out his first time sledding!

This will be the first year Go Postal and I don't go out West with the ski club since we have a much bigger trip to take soon! So thanks Tree and Rick for the invite so we could get at least one day in this year. I would like to ski here again sometime when conditions are better.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Camp Dogwood

We could recall for certain but we think we have been retreating at Camp Dogwood for 6 years. It is just our Bee and includes a trip to Big Daddy's for seafood on Friday night.

This year my mission was to get the quilt top together for the twin bed in Wades room. Eventually I will need two! We draped it on the bed to check the size and Banjo inspected.

Also check out a cool top Holly got done. I love these blocks against the black.

Carolyn completed this fun top using Dick and Jane fabrics. She said it wasn't for the new grand baby Erin but I bet she can have it if she asks!

Lisa and Karen also worked on a super cool quilt but its a surprise and I would want to be the one that ruins it!

Kathleen even pieced a top! But alas I didn't take any more photos.

We missed those who couldn't make it this year!

Friday, January 4, 2013

China says YES

We signed the letter of intent and China's letter of acceptance and they are on their way back. Along with the other stack of forma to US Immigration asking to classify Wade Michael as an immediate relative. Next up tons of paperwork to get travel plans in place for April....and some hefty checks!

Now it's time for action around the cabin too. We brought the baby bed my sisters and I used growing up home from Dads last weekend and time to start doing some baby proofing!