Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014

I finally got the video done for Wade that I meant to do last year, but my procrastination allowed me to include some photos of this year's Christmas preparation too. It's amazing how much he has changed. 

We had Grey Grey and Teenie here with Mary and her boys Christmas Eve. They helped Wade decorate a train cake. I got this pan to make cakes for Landon's third birthday ... seems like just yesterday. 

On Christmas morning he still didn't know what to expect...if you listen close he will say "that's not my toy"

Yes this huge Cars themed train table now serves as my coffee table in the cabin. 

We had a nice relaxing day, sharing Christmas lunch and gifts with Mikes side of the family.  We took Friday off and Dad treated us all to lunch at the Mexican restaurant (also to celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary). Mary and I then took the boys to see the final Hobbit movie. 

Didn't expect the weekend to end on this note....

A man made a left turn right into our path. Mike was driving and thankfully we all were fine. Wade was pretty shaken )as was his Mommy) when after the impact all you see and smell is the smoke from the airbag charges. So I will have a few extra to do's tomorrow as we look to get a replacement. This Explorer was a 2002 and had about 235,000 miles but we had just spent about $5,000 getting it back in good shape last year.....  But what's most import is that it kept us all safe. Bye bye old friend. Hello car payment. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Change of Heart

Wade told us he did not want to go see Santa this morning while cowering in the corner. I told him we could just wave to him as we ate our pancakes with Max. But after watching Max sit with Santa (and get a candy cane) he ran right up to him and told him he would like a green car. We also checked and Santa would prefer chocolate chip cookies when he stops by the cabin Christmas Eve.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas is a coming!

Wade asked all last week about a Christmas tree so Sunday afternoon we finally had a chance to drive up to Sparta and select one. Rudolph has the nose for finding a good tree. 

We need a skinny tree !!!  This one will be just right. 

He thought hanging the ornaments was a race I think and was very proud of his end result. Daddy will do some rearranging in a little while I feel certain. 

So we are about ready!  I even got his stocking done so he could hang it, there were just enough scraps to make a third one. I stole these fabrics and pattern from Mrs Goodneedle at one of our Bee's Dirty Santa exchanges several years back. They are perfect for the cabin  and I think she forgave me   

I have gotten cards mailed, most of the shopping done and even a batch of spice cookies made. Now let's get to enjoying the company of friends and family and delighting in Christmas through the eyes of a three year old. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Prayer quilt for Faith

Sitting in church last Sunday morning I was thinking of Faith and her upcoming surgery. I didn't know of anything to say to her more than she would be in my prayers....and I am not discounting the power of prayer by any means. Then it hit me, I am a quilter and I can do something a little more tangible and lasting. 

So during Wade's nap (thanks Daddy for pulling extra Wade time this week) I pulled out fabric I had for a kit...modified the design a little, cut the blocks out and had them sewn in time for our members to sign them that evening. By the next Sunday it was ready to tie and many many of our congregation got to take part in making a prayer knot. 

She leaves in the morning for Charlotte and she, her family and the doctors will continue to be in my prayers. We love you Faith.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween and Birthday Weekend

Wow what a weekend Wade had. He got to have a Halloween Party at school, trick or treat at the Krispy Kreme office then go out and do some more after supper in Boonville. He was a monkey this year and loved wearing his suit even though he had about outgrown it.  He just had his three year check up and is just a scant shy of 38" tall which places him in the 58th percentile. Considering he started down in the thirties when we got him home I would say he is growing just fine!

The next day was his birthday and Mommy broke down and bought a cake. We got a playset of Mater and Lightening McQueen going tractor tipping at Disney intending to use it for his cake first. He was so excited he sang along and absolutely loved everything he got. The family knows him well he was showered with more tractors, trucks, cars, planes and books about the aforementioned!

️Aunt Mary took the video:

With all this flurry, and sharing birthdaydoughnuts  with his classmates on Monday....he never noticed we went back to standard time. 

Happy Birthday Wade!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Walt Disney World

I Two days at the Magic Kingdom was plenty of time to wear Wade and Daddy out. For the most part it was a great trip and I loved just watching his face on each new ride or character greeting  

What I didn't anticipate was that he wouldn't sleep. It was about 11pm each night before he went to sleep in the camper. And during the day he is used to a two hour nap, but come on when you are at Disney there was too many sights and sounds to stay asleep for long. 
The park was decorated for Halloween and the campground was full of very expensive rv's outfited with all kinds of inflatables and lights. 

Honestly Wade would have had fun just staying at the campground and swimming and dancing with Chip and Dale at night. 

We did all the first time prerequisites...
Riding Dumbo
Meeting Characters
Driving on the speedway
Riding the carousel 

And of course parades, snacks and the castle!!

I am glad we went but next up will be a Disney cruise...where Mommy and Daddy can return feeling like we actually had a vacation !!!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Watch out Fish

My grandfather had this pond built when I was in jr high and we have had a lot of good times fishing here. I always regretted that as he got feeble there was no way to really fish from the banks. Dad now owns half the dam and one side of the pond so we starting talking about putting a dock up a few years ago. So now not only Wade can fish from here (before I am comfortable him being in the boat, there are alligators down here you know) but he and Teen have a place to enjoy the pond without trailering the boat and dragging it into the water. 

The new dock is almost done, it will have a covered boat slip and plenty of space to fish. 

I don't think the fish have much to fear yet from Wade yet as he is too loud and impatient to make much of a fisherman. But I know that many memories will be made from here with this generation and hopefully the next!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Camper Quilt Done!

When Holly started this past year's $5 quilt block of the month, she encouraged us to add our own fabric. I decided to make a quilt to keep in the camper. So each month I added fireflies, camp signs, owls and lots of other fun things. 

Got it back from the quilter and bound just in time for the Disney campground. 
Holly even showed is this super easy way to set these blocks. I have never set a quilt so fast. The green is a shot cotton and I love the feel of it. The backing is a fabric that names major national parks...just perfect. 

The next $5 quilt class starts this month. I think I have participated every year and can't wait to see what they have in store!

I may need to pull out an extra quilt tonight. A cold front is blowing in and we are suppose to get down to 40. That's ok, I love Fall. And it won't be long that Santa will want some ideas. Well Wade about had a baby heart attack when he saw this Cars playset at Costco. It's like the wooden train sets but all the Radiator Spring characters instead. If Santa decides to bring it I guess it can double as a coffee table. 
And because there are a few folks that read my blog but not facebook I will end this with my dapper young man as he headed to church last week in the Studebaker. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

These two

Max spent the night last night and they treat each other like brothers that's for sure. The sharing thing is still not easy but they are getting to the point where they will play and converse a little. 

They watched a movie after their bath and I had forgotten to get Max's glasses. As soon as I brought them to him Wade popped up to get a pair too. Hot pink sunglasses and on upside down. 

Putting an almost three year old and a 4 1/2 year old to bed in the same room has yet to work in less than an hour so I may have to try something else next time he is over. And to think Daniel Boone's wife raised 8 kids in a one room cabin. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weekend happenings

I'll admit I felt a little strange taking out my smartphone on the porch of the Amish store. We went over to talk to a builder about a play set for Wade. 

He ended up not being as price competitive as we hoped but enjoyed the sights of the small community here in Yadkin county. 

Sunday after church we met some ski club friends at a free music festival where John Cowan played. Wade enjoyed it I think especially near the end when we went up to "dance". He spun around ran up to the speakers and hopped all over the plywood they had layed down for the cloggers. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

17 Months Home

We passed another milestone this week. We have had Wade now 17 months, which is how long he lived in the orphanage.  I think he is ok with it ; )

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

1 Mile

I know it's not a big deal for some, but I ran a mile today without stopping to walk......something I have never done before in 47 years. Jump Mommy!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Fighting Nature Deficit Disorder

The This Labor Day we headed up to Stone Mt with Mary and her boys. Wade had a new pair of hiking boots to break in and it was nice to be in the woods a little while. We hiked to the bottom of the falls and cooled out feet. 

The post title refers to a quote from the author of Last Child on the Woods that I read a few years back. So many of our kids today have every minute scheduled and are not given much chance to explore nature like most of us did as kids.   

I know we too will have very busy lives as Wade gets into all his school aged activities but we hope to also foster in him a respect for God's natural beauty around him. 

And I love this photo (taken by Alden, with direction from Aunt Leanne) of Daddy, Mommy and Wade's boots!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A weekend to celebrate Todd

We got all the extended family together last weekend in Georgia to celebrate my first cousin Todd's 50th birthday. We all have such fond memories or riding three wheeled Hondas (yes I know now how dangerous that was with no helmet), swimming at Aunt Brenda's pool and going to movies after church on Sunday. 

We had a big cookout and cake at my Grandparents home that his oldest brother now owns. Many good memories at this special place. 

And now all the first cousins have kids that are almost grown!  There were 15 of us and I can't even count how many there are now.  

We also had time for a little fishing, but the highlight was seeing the two small alligators in the pond (why we don't swim down there unless it's a pool). 

And Sunday was Dad's birthday and I know it pleased him to have all three daughters and five grandchildren with him at church. Wish it wasn't a 9 hour trip!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Two kinds this past weekend.....visual and audio

One day with fellow quilt buds at the AQS show in Charlotte 
Yes it's not a painting but a quilt...
If I were a math teacher this would hang in my class
Hawaiian appliqué with 3d buds, I got to get mine back out to work on. 
And even saw Kathleen's Rainbow  Rocks!  Yes it hung at the Yadkin Arts Center first before traveling all over the country ; )

Then a little trip to Lowes so we could get the makings for my own design wall

And finally a Sunday evening with James Taylor. I have to say the man still has it!  Probably one of the top 5 concerts I have ever been to.  

Oh and the Explorer got a new decal too. Pretty sure Mom would have wanted this one too.