Saturday, October 11, 2014

Watch out Fish

My grandfather had this pond built when I was in jr high and we have had a lot of good times fishing here. I always regretted that as he got feeble there was no way to really fish from the banks. Dad now owns half the dam and one side of the pond so we starting talking about putting a dock up a few years ago. So now not only Wade can fish from here (before I am comfortable him being in the boat, there are alligators down here you know) but he and Teen have a place to enjoy the pond without trailering the boat and dragging it into the water. 

The new dock is almost done, it will have a covered boat slip and plenty of space to fish. 

I don't think the fish have much to fear yet from Wade yet as he is too loud and impatient to make much of a fisherman. But I know that many memories will be made from here with this generation and hopefully the next!


Karen Newman Fridy said...

Wonderful picture!! Nothing better than a boy fishing with his grandpa...many memories will be made for sure!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What a touching photo of these two special men in your life; I love it! What fun awaits Wade in the future, I know your Dad will enjoy this deck too in the meantime.