Sunday, November 1, 2015

Look who's 4

When your birthday is the day after Halloween you just stay in a sugar high all weekend!  But this year at least I had time to make a cake. We went with a backhoe theme. 

He loved having Max and some family over for dinner.....

....because the jumping at the mall didn't go so well. All Wade has wanted to do for the last 6 months is do the bungee assisted jumping thing at the mall. He would tell everyone when he turned four he got to bounce at the mall. But today he watched some older girls go before him that were doing flips and really getting high. By the time it was his turn he was maybe we will try again next year. Max however had a ball and even went back for another turn ( but he is a big boy of 5 1/2 )

Happy Birthday Wade Michael, it won't be the last time things in life get overwhelming, but hope you can always find that smile again quickly.