Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy First Decade Buddy

Its hard to believe that 10 years ago today, I got to see my baby sister's oldest son come into this world.  He shares some of my traits...likes science, Krispy Kreme, and is left handed.  Uncle Mike and I wish you a very Happy Birthday and many many more decades to come.  By the way, those decade birthdays get less and less fun as you go enjoy!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


GP and I both enjoyed seeing the globetrotters play when we were young so when I saw a Groupon before Christmas for half price seats I jumped. We also included my nephews as part of their birthdays. They both played basketball this winter so they had some understanding of how the game is supposed to be played....and could appreciate the ball handling and shooting skills of these players. It's hard to get a smile out of the youngest, especially on camera so I will take these shots as evidence that they had a good time.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring

I got these tulips from the Skagit Valley in Washington last Fall. Mom used to drive by the bulb farms in her way to work. This was a 50 bulb mix staged to bloom at different times. First up....Pink

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mustard and Ketchup Sleeps Good

We took my newest quilt down from the Quilt Show and had it on the bed that evening!  It was just the perfect weight for these not too cold evenings.  It was an Augusta Cole pattern called Snaps and Stars and the the 16 patch centers have some of my scraps from almost 20 years of quilting...and lots from friends (Mrs Goodneedle donated a bunch of square already cut...gotta love that)  We only had one quilt large enough for the queen mattress so now we have two!  I can already imaging playing eye spy next year with a little we laze around on a Sunday morning before church.  Go Postal won't sleep in on Saturday...much to my dismay the alarm clock still goes off at 5am.  And the name...well he prefers mustard on everything...I am a ketchup girl.  I collected these mustard fabrics on a trip to Mid Atlantic a few years back and love this Kona red!!  Banjo would look lovely on this quilt too...but don't think I will ever convince GP to share the bed with a cat.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Seeing Double

We have heard "tails" of Banjo being spotted at various neighbors yards and we were a little surprised he travelled that far....but this morning look what I saw. That is not Banjo at the dish. Once I spoke to them the twin kitty took off and Banjo was in hot pursuit. He returned in a few minutes wet up to his shoulders from running through the fields.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Make Plans for the Quilt Show

Our guild is having our bi-annual quilt show this coming weekend at the Village Inn and Conference Center in Clemmons.  We have over 140 quilts on display (I know this because I get to help put them up and take them down this year)  There will also be vendors.  We are really excited about this new location for us...plan on stopping by!  There is a $5 admission fee but hey thats cheaper than the movies and I am sure you will leave inspired.  I finished binding my entry last night (I watched four movies this weekend while getting it done)

"The Art of Comfort Quilt Show"March 16-18
Friday, 10am-7pm ~ Saturday, 10am-6:00pm ~ Sunday, 1:00-4:00pm

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oh Happy Day

I am a little ashamed to say how happy it made me last night to read on facebook that Trader Joe's is coming to the Thruway shopping center in WS.  We have been hoping for at least one to be built in Gso but now we will get one of our very own (yes I still claim WS as mine even though I live thirty miles away).  If you have never been, its like a very fun Fresh Market (lots of organic and ethnic variety) with the prices better than the evil Wally World.

Go Postal and I make a stop whenever we can in Charlotte or Raleigh to stock up on pasta sauce, low sugar blackberry jelly (the boy eats a ton of PBJ), cheese straws, olive oil, coffee, pasta and dark chocolate bars.  But now we can try their refriferated/frozen selections too.  They even have alphabet pasta and cookies which will probably be usefull to us in a few more months!

 And when we make a run in the future...we can watch for the hot sign to be on across the street and get a Krispy Kreme for the drive home! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Max is coming home!

Max is on his way home!  They have had a good trip it seems from his Daddy's facebook postings.  He was in a very nice orphanage in Shanghai that specifically dealt with children that have cleft palletes.  Because he was aslo cared for by so many ex-pats living in Shanghai I think his transition to the USA will be easier than the children who are living with Chinese foster families.  They have a facebook page that also allowed us to follow Max's progress...(although they called him Moses)

Go Postal and I can't wait to meet him as we are pretty sure whether we get a little girl or a little boy...Max will be their friend and a hiking/biking/skiing buddy.  His Mom and I have already discussed sharing a condo on a future ski club trip out West!