Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fall is flying by

Between getting our house in WS on the market and keeping up with life it dawned on me that Thanksgiving is in a few days!  Wade is doing great and saying almost a new word daily. 

We met a couple from Lexington this weekend that will be bringing their son home from China in January. Another future buddy for Wade and Max. 

Tomorrow cold forecast has me thinking a crock pot of pintos and a nap time spent sewing , I have a Christmas stocking to finish. 

Another sign it's Fall.....Uncle Kenny is in the woods hunting deer this afternoon and I can see at least three deer in the field right in front of the cabin!

Can you see Daddy in this photo?  Wade didn't think it was fun until Daddy jumped in too. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A date with Harry Potter

I have to go to a conference in Orlando this week so decided to leave a few hours early while the guys are in church so i can go to The World of Harry Potter at Universals Island of Adventures.  I already find myself turning my head at every toddler at the airport. In only seven months I have become accustomed to thinking about packing toys and sippy cups. For this trip I actually grabbed my needlework. 

I know Mike and Aunt Mary will take good care of Wade in my absence but have to believe that three nights away from my guys will be a little tough. 

But Harry will help me this first night. Can't wait to relive the books through this theme park. And I will get to have a pint of butter beer!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Wade

It was a big week for the Brendles. Wade experienced his first Halloween and then had his second birthday. It was on his first birthday that Mike and I wrote our letter of intent to China asking to adopt him. 

His favorite stuffed animals are all monkeys so that's what I made his cake look like. He got new trucks and books and bath towels from his Uncles, Aunts and cousins and finally fell asleep that night about 10pm. 

We end this week with a note that today is orphan Sunday .... Kicking off November as adoption month. Not everyone can adopt but many if us can support them through sponsorships or prayers. If anyone knows someone who may have questions, we are willing to share. It has been a blessing far beyond what we could have expected. We feel God's hand guided us to Wade and can't believe in just a little shy of seven months  how he has moved right into our hearts