Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 4th at Topsail

It was hot!!! But Wade had a great time in the waves and sand. I always enjoy catching up with the Langston crew. We stayed at a new Inn in the town of Topsail Beach.

We drive to Wilmington and thought we would just show Wade the Battleship NC but he really wanted to go on so we took a tour.

Then after some rain and lightening ran us off the beach we had time to snap a few pictures before our traditional dinner at the Breezeway.

Look at what a difference four years makes......

Summer Fun

Father's Day weekend we went to the bike and hike weekend that the ski club has done for years. We rode some of the Virginia Creeper with Wade on his tag along bike. See them on the bridge?

He got to hear about our friend Gettys as he sat on the bench the club purchased for Greysen Highlands in his memory.

And we hiked some of the Appalachian trail.

Pretty fitting that Mike's Father's Day lunch consisted of PB&J. It always tastes better on a hike!!

We saw wild ponies!

The crew that hiked that day....not as big as year's past but a fun day.

Wow do I need to catch up

I just realized it's been almost 6 months since I have updated the blog...so hang on, here goes

In the Spring Krispy Kreme was a part of the new Power Rangers movie....loved that Wade could see a face like his as a superhero (although it will be a while before he can see this movie)

And we wrapped up preschool, we officially have a kindergartener now.
Mrs. Bane was just what Wade needed this year and we are looking forward to continuing at St John's in August.

We also said goodbye to Miss Molly at church as she goes off to college.

Wade loves to ride his bike...here he and Max are enjoying the blocked off street in downtown.

We celebrated National Doughnut Day

And got to see McKinley's dance recital this year. She is dressed as a Oompa Loompa in case you are wondering.

So that takes us through early June.....