Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a nice Thanksgiving, my two sisters and their families along with Go Postal,his Dad, Whole Wheat and Dairy Queen shared a meal Thursday evening at my home. The only potential issue with the meal was a little too many green bean ends were put down the garbage disposal at once (OK but this is the same brave sister that fished out the dead squirrel for me, so she is forgiven). Handy brother in law had the trap off and cleaned out pretty fast, so dinner was back on track.

My oldest nephew has decided his radio name should be Marshmallow because he doesn't really like it when he's called that, so it will get his attention when he hears it over the radio. So, Marshmallow and I took Georgia on a hike Sunday around Pilot Mt. I was ready to get outside after a day of cooking and 6 hours of powershopping with my sisters starting at 6am. His sister and I were ready to turn in early (in our matching skiing bunny flannel pj's....wonder what Mrs Goodneedle's hubby would think of these)

We took all four kids roller skating to end the weekend....even Little Man can get around the rink now. I guess it would be good off season training for Go Postal and I if we did it often. My body mechanics don't work the exact way they used to when I could fly around the rink!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Attic Antics

So this is a flying squirrel. I never knew they look so much like chipmunks. Remember Go Postal made some thresholds at the attic accesses so no critter could get under the doors into the house anymore.....what we didn't count on was that there was a nest of flying squirrels already made in the closet where all my sewing fabric/wrapping paper is kept.
Yesterday my housekeeper called to inform me that a baby flying squirrel was sitting on my sofa table in the living room when she came downstairs. She didn't notice it at first, but Zorro was intently sitting on the back of the couch (less than 3 ft away, not much of a killer huh) watching something. She FREAKED. Her husband came over and they finally got it out the front door.
So my brave sister (mother of two boys) went into the closet after work to investigate. We quickly could smell that this would not be a search and rescue mission anymore...but a recovery. I took the boys downstairs to eat pizza and watch Star Wars. Dead stuff is just something I can't do very well.
She came downstairs with a plastic target bag that was full of rafia and other ribbons....and said the problem was in there. Neither of us were brave enough to fully investigate so we chunked it into the back of my truck that sits outside for my brother in law and older nephew to investigate when they get into town tonight.
I don't know if the baby died and the housekeeper saw Mom...or if it was a sibling that just was more determined to survive by coming down and getting some of Zorro's food. But hopefully the drama is over. Although something still is getting into the attic, I heard it scurry across the ceiling last night about 2:30. That can be a project for the guys after they eat too much turkey.
I never had seen flying squirells....see how I would have confused it with a chipmunk?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fried or Roasted?

This is the first year I will eat two turkey dinners on the same day. Go Postal's family is having a fried turkey (their church is making them for a fundraiser). I will go the traditional route and roast a fresh turkey from Whole Foods for supper that evening with both my sisters and their families. I haven't made many turkeys...Mom always used the bag, but last year I tried my hand at roasting a fresh turkey. I think because they are not frozen they stay a little juicier and I love the way you can get the skin to brown by not using the bag. What do you like?
I am taking Wednesday off to get a head start so I can enjoy Thursday. It might take two Thanksgiving meals for me to keep up with my sisters Friday morning as we hit all the early bird sales.
Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you and your families have a wonderful day. I know we all have a lot to be thankful for.....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All is Well for Now

My department was told we only lost one person. The planning department I used to work in didn't fare as well. Thanks for the comments/e-mails.

Is My Number Up?

My employer is laying off about 160 folks from our building today... I have mixed emotions about this. Our industry is increasingly difficult but not like many others in today's economy. I went back to school 10 years ago to get an MBA fully expecting to have to make a change someday. If its today, I pray I keep a good attitude and find the next chapter in my career soon. I know there will be others today that won't have the years of service and thus weeks of severance that I do....and have children to support. I pray for them too.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What I can do in 30 minutes at Lunch

With it getting dark so early, its tough to get the yard work done. So yesterday I decided to see if I could get the leaves off the new grass in the back yard. Thirty minutes later...not too bad. We had a lot of rain and wind on Saturday that expedited their fall this year. But looking up there are still a lot that will come down over the next few weeks. The leaf blower was something I had never laid eyes on before growing up in the panhandle of Texas, but what a great invention!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Critter and I Meet

Remeber Zorro and I have been hearing things in the ceiling above my bed. But I stuffed a towel under the access door from my sewing room closet to the attic so thought I would just ignore the problem for now. Well last night I had to do some ironing, and the board hangs from the back of that closet door. I was letting the iron cool and remembered that I left my cell phone upstairs. As I walk in I hear a paniced scratching sound near my dormer window and look over to see a creature hanging like spider man in the corner. I freaked...its amazing I didn't trip going down the stairs (I only think I hit about two). But who do I call....Go Postal and Dad are both long distance calls and my LAN line phone can only make local calls. So I have to be a big girl and tackle this thing on my own. Zorro is laying on the couch looking at me like...why are you so suprised, he's been up there for months.

I creep back up the stairs and see a chipmunk sitting right in the middle of my sewing room...between me and my cell phone. So I start banging on the door facing and he crawls behind the computer desk...after scratching at a few fleas...Ugh. I get my phone, dart out of the sewing room and stuff a towel under the door.

I heard him last night again between the floors so he figured out how to get back out to the attic I guess...and Go Postal is coming over to help seal the gap in the roof sheathing where we think he is getting in.

Then, Zorro gets flea dipped and we spread boroxo on the carpet before a flea infestation hits.

But then on second thought, I can use this as a good excuse for not working on my #4 UFO in our Guild challenge.....a chipmunk has taken my sewing room hostage.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Way to go Red Raiders!

OK, so I have to admit...its a little tough to follow your school when you live this far away....but to beat the University of Texas any year is great for Texas Tech. I was there when it happened in 1988 in Austin. But to knock them off when they are ranked #1 in the nation...awesome. I can't imagine how fun it was to walk down 6th street with the Double T on your sweatshirt after the game and see all those sad burnt orange faces.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Autumn Flyer Train Ride

Go Postal and I gave his Dad this trip for his birthday this year. A snapshot through a moving train window doesn't really capture the beauty. It was an early and cold start in Spencer when we boarded the train at 6:15. This 22 car train had several antique dome cars brought in just for this day. We sat in a normal Amtrak passenger car. We arrived in Charlotesville for lunch and to a sunny 70 degree afternoon.
There was an eleven year old next to us that was with his father and grandfather for the day. He knew all the engines, what time they normally were scheduled to pass and at every milepost what train yard we were approaching. His nose never left the glass.

I would love to return to the area sometime to see the Universtity of Va, Monitcello, and drive on to Shenandoah National Park. But this was a great way to have a relaxing day and spend time with a couple of great guys. We finished off the evening with a BBQ dinner and grateful we were going to get an extra hour of sleep before church!

Halloween Fun