Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Zorro enjoying my first day of not getting ready for work in a morning flurry.

So here is a project I will be taking to Black Mt. My Mom bought this top years ago when an older lady came to their guild in Anacortes Washington. She was moving to a nursing home and needed to get rid of her quilts. Its a hand pieced feathered star, and although the fabrics aren't the best and there are a few points missing their tips, its lovely. She only wanted $35...and Mom was a sucker for anything Red. Mom gave her double that and promised her it would be loved. This red bled all over Mrs Goodneedle's ironing board cover when I tried to iron I almost gave up on finishing it. But I washed it yesterday with about a box of Shout Color Catchers (these things are awesome) and to my suprise very little dye migrated. HookinBuddy suggested that it was the heat that made the dye I laid it out in the sun to dry. I think I will baste it this weekend and start to hand quilt it. It may take me a while to complete, but what a lovely quilt for February! (I hope to have a quilt for each month of the year someday)

Monday, April 27, 2009

New Chapter Starting

Tomorrow starts a new chapter for me. I was one month shy of 19 years at Hanes...the only job I have had since graduating college and now its over. But its strange I am not sad, hurt or angry...maybe that will hit later. It has not been a real fun place to work for the last few years and I am blessed to have a good severance plan and education. Don't know what the next chapter will be for me, but I am ready to turn the page and find a little passion for work again. I know there will be others affected tomorrow that will not be as lucky as I have been, and my prayers go out for them and their families.

So let the networking begin....(after I mow, plant the impatiens in the driveway, finish a Relay for Life video, and pack for my quilt retreat this weekend) So if you know someplace that could use an Industrial Engineer with an MBA (my little sisters refer to this degress as my "Master of Bossing All") let me know!

I am glad we cant just flip to the end and see how the story is much more meaningful to take it chapter by chapter just as the "Author" has planned.

Wilkes Quilt Barn #2

I saw my second Wilkes county quilt barn on the way home from Merelfest. You can see this one from 421. Go Postal asked what block it was...and I gave him a little attitutde when I told him Wedding Ring. I didn't take this photo but got it from the web. There are 9 in Wilkes is a link that will tell you about them.

Car Barn Progress

I am standing at the front of the barn looking back. There will be a staircase in the back corner to get to the second floor. You can also see the opening for the rear garage door in the left corner. It made for a neat view to look up through the floor trusses and see the morning sky. I snapped this Sunday morning before leaving for Merlefest.

Merlefest - It was Hot!

The Waybacks host an album hour each Merlefest where they pick an old artist and completely cover one album. There is always a lot of buzz about what this year's music will be. We were not dissapointed when they cranked up Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers. They had John Cowan join them to do the lead vocals...and for Wild Horses...Emmy Lou Harris walked out and sang. The crowd loved it...all the little kids were dancing. I told Go Postal that that was my best indicator of the music I like best....when I see all the 2-6 year olds up bouncing, I usually love the music too. We attended both Saturday and Sunday this year. Next year the festival will run April 29-May 2. Doc wasn't on stage as much this year...his age and the heat are probably starting to slow him down some. Merelefest has been going strong since 1988. This is a group of ski club friends at Album Hour.

Here I am with Flattop, the Merlefest mascot...his eyes are a little creepy I think. I bet he lost 10 pounds sweating in this suit.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Afternoon Pause

The pollen abounds in NC right now, but I do think the dogwoods and azaleas are extra pretty this year. I guess all the rain we have had so far this Spring has really helped. I needed to drop something off to Mrs Goodneedle this afternoon and beat her home by a few minutes. It was a great opportunity to sit and be still for five minutes. While sitting outside her sewing room I saw:
*Gold Finch (if you enlarge the photo you will see them on the yellow bar of the thistle feeder)
*Blue Jay
*Tufted Titmouse (I think)
*Wren making a nest
and heard....
*Rooster (from somewhere across the field)

What a nice break from the white noise they blast over my pod in the office. This weekend is supposed to be wonderful...hope you can get outside and listen a little too!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Its almost time

Weatherman is calling for a sunny weekend. This festival continues to grow and I don't know what I enjoy most...walking from stage to stage listening to music, or watching all the diverse people that attend. This year's Saturday night highlights are Sam Bush and Emmy Lou Harris. We will go back Sunday to hear Linda Rondstat.
Dad wish you could come with us this year, I will tell Doc hello for you.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Update

Go Postal and I headed to Charlotte Friday afternoon to attend a Susan Tedeschi concert that evening in the arts district. We got there in time to have some fish tacos and a cup of coffee at the Smelly Cat Coffee house before walking across the street to the Neighborhood Theatre for the concert. Susan is a very bluesy songwriter/guitar player. He really enjoyed it. When I gave him these tickets for his birthday I also made reservations at the Moorehouse Inn so we could stay over and make a day of Charlotte since I have never really spent much time down there.

After breakfast of French Toast and bacon (yum) I asked him to set the schedule for the rest of the day...we just had to be back to Kernersville by 5. So because it was so pretty we headed to the Charlotte Museum of History to see the Hezekia Alexander House. It is the oldest standing home in Charlotte, built in 1774. The docent spent a lot of time explaining the construction and the preservation the building had undergone.....right up Go Postal's alley!

A quick bite to eat and we were off to mountain bike at some trails that are located just off Poplar Tent road and I-85. It had been 10 years since I was on these trails and we rode about 4 miles. These were originally put in for a motorcross champion who lived across the street, now his family allows mountain bikers to ride...all they ask is you sign a waiver and pay $3 to help keep the trails maintained. They have a lot of pallete bridges and other obstacles....we even saw one rider successfully ride a teeter totter from one end to the other. No Thanks

We made it back to Kerversville in time to help take down the quilt show and pick up Chocolate Kisses. It took 2nd place in the group quilt category!

A quick shower and it was off to visit with friends that went skiing in Steamboat with us in February. We put all our pictures together on a DVD and set them to music. Lots of fun.

Finally after church on Sunday, I was able to see the progress made on the Car Barn last week. The first floor is framed!

Then just when we thought we couldn't fit anything else into our weekend, we found out that his oldest nephew was being baptised Sunday evening. He had made a comitment years ago but had a strong desire to be baptised before heading to Ft Bliss (El Paso, Tx) next week. Go Postal teased me that it was probably because those "Texans" are so scary. It was a simple and warm service and we enjoyed visiting with everyone over dinner later that evening.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I finally gave in....

We have a new Krispy Kreme near my house/work. They also serve ice cream and tout a doughnut sundae. This morning I had a few extra minutes so after getting my Latte from Starbucks I ran through the drive through to check it out. One original glazed not one dozen, just one. 200 calories, 20 g of fat each....and I could easily eat four if I wanted. Everything in moderation!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Go Postal and I went to both the Sunrise service and the regular service on Easter Sunday.
We shared a great meal with his entire family at his Dad's after church and then spent a rather lazy afternoon visiting and walking around outside. Banjo must have run off the Easter Bunny this year as I didn't find any eggs hidden around. I hope you all had a nice Easter Sunday spent with family and friends and were able to reflect on our Lord's victory over the grave.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Can't Wait!!

The New Star Trek movie opens Friday May 8th. This one should be great because it will be full of action and is set as a prequel to the original series. The story unfolds as a young James Kirk and Spock meet at Starfleet Academy. I have a group of friends lined up to join me (think they will mind if I wear my gold/black jumpsuit Mom made me years ago? I even have a communicator pin that chirps when you touch it) OK I know, I am a Geek.
Go Postal (who has only seen one of the six Star Wars movies) will be dragged along and probably will get more out of watching us react to the movie than the movie itself. Anyone else want to join us?

Cat Proof Birdhouse

Go Postal started the conversation last night with "you will never guess what I caught Banjo doing" His tone told me it wasn't something cute. His Dad has a bluebird house fastened to a power pole near their old tobacco barn. Banjo had scaled the pole and was sitting on top of the house with three paws and fishing inside the hole with his fourth. Banjo is a great mouser and we know we can't scold him for doing what comes naturally. We intenentionaly don't feed birds around the cabin as it almost seems a cruel trap. So I googled for some ideas this morning and it looks like with a few minor modifications we can Banjo proof the birdhouse. A steeper roof and the hole tucked up higher under the overhang should prevent another fishing expedition.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wilkes Quilt Barn

Another part of our Sunday adventure was a sighting of this Quilt Barn along Longbottom road. I think Wilkes county has nine barns so far in their trail. I successfully scaled a hill (avoiding the electric fence) to snap this picture...and left Go Postal in the car explaining to the Pastor why I was so excited to see my first NC Quilt Barn! I wondered why these folks picked the Drunkard's Path as their motif...but maybe I don't want to know. Obviously Go Postal needs a Log Cabin block somewhere on his new barn....I will be planting that seed for sure. This tradition started in the MidWest but I think it is quickly spreading to other areas of the country where quilting heritage is still valued.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Trout Fishing

Go Postal and I are reading books by John and Staci Eldredge for a bible study at church. His book is called "Wild at Heart" mine is "Captivating". Part of the class is to go on "Adventures". Its a small class, just the pastor, teacher and the two of us so its been pretty laid back and fun. Yesterday's afternoon was spent trying to trout fish up in Daughton Park just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. We both would like to learn to cast a fly rod someday...but for now just used the trusty Zebcos. It was a beautiful afternoon...probably close to 70's and that made up for not even SEEING a fish. It was also his birthday so we suggested a plan B for dinner since it was obvious we wouldnt be dining on trout. His Dad met us in Elkin on the way home for some Mexican food. The guys sang him Happy Birthday while we ate our sopapillas.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Teen

OK I won't publish how many years old you are...unlike Buddy below we can use our hands (and toes) to proudly display our ages anymore. Hope you have a wonderful day, you are very special to all of us and are blessed to have you in our lives.