Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cat Proof Birdhouse

Go Postal started the conversation last night with "you will never guess what I caught Banjo doing" His tone told me it wasn't something cute. His Dad has a bluebird house fastened to a power pole near their old tobacco barn. Banjo had scaled the pole and was sitting on top of the house with three paws and fishing inside the hole with his fourth. Banjo is a great mouser and we know we can't scold him for doing what comes naturally. We intenentionaly don't feed birds around the cabin as it almost seems a cruel trap. So I googled for some ideas this morning and it looks like with a few minor modifications we can Banjo proof the birdhouse. A steeper roof and the hole tucked up higher under the overhang should prevent another fishing expedition.

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Almond-Rubio Family said...

Mike sounds like a DAD!!!