Friday, January 22, 2016

First snow of 2016

Wade sure enjoys playing in the snow a lot more now than his first Winter home. We will need to find a bigger sledding hill to give him a challenge. 

We had about 5 or 6 inches before it turned to sleet.  Mike was home today too as the maill did not arrive from the hub in Greensboro. 

And a nice finish to some sledding was a cup of hot chocolate (thanks again Miss Pat). 

We are supposed to get more overnight but so far this storm has been less impactful than the forecasters had us believe. That's ok, I like electricity and all its comforts. 
Throwing snow at Mommy Is always fun. 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

My Christmas Treat

Dad always gives us a check for Christmas and as I get older I really look forward to getting to splurge on something I might not otherwise buy.

 This year I bought a really nice pot. I am trying to get away from Teflon and read up on several kinds before deciding to get a Staub. It's cast iron with an enamel finish. The interior isn't exactly like grandmothers cast iron as its been annondized for better non stick features. 

So with the new pot I got a Williams and Sonoma cookbook called "one pot of the day" which literally has 365 recipes and they follow what is in season during the year. 

Tonight I am trying the porter braised chicken with root vegetables. The picture looks like this:

Wish me luck
All while Mike and Wade are working very hard on homework. Pretty awesome