Sunday, March 30, 2008

Forget It....

I am buying a Civic instead of a Mini Cooper....and letting the contractor take down this wallpaper. I hope he doesn't laugh too hard when he gets my message that I want him to do it all. (Maybe I am not the only one who changes their mind after trying something like this for the first time) I thought the estimate sounded a little high, but after tackling the first wall...I think its going to be worth every penny. I hope wallpaper never comes back in style....I can see how it hides flaws because my builder didn't do as good of job finishing the sheet rock in the rooms where the wallpaper is. The wallpaper comes off easy enough, but its the residual paste that is tormenting me. I am blessed to have a good job, and lots of other not tackling this job.

As far as the much as I loved the Mini Cooper S....they are still too expensive to be a second car (that will get a lot of miles put on it each year) There was a '98 Civic 5 speed in the paper today, if its still here when Go Postal gets home I will go check it out. The goal right now is to save $$ really stinks being responsible sometimes.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Bathroom Remodel Begins

I have never attempted removing wallpaper, but we will see how it goes tomorrow. Here is my before picture. I will paint either a light grey/blue or sage green once primed. I have also found a beige tile I like down at the salvage building material store....but having that professionally installed. We'll keep you posted on the progress.

Banjo meets Zorro

Zorro acted really was another kitty but not his buddy Z. Banjo all in all was pretty tolerable but not ready to be as cozy as Zorro wanted to be. Banjo is staying in my basement while Go Postal is away, but he is an outside kitty at heart. He ran to the back door and slapped the glass with his paws, hoping to make an escape I think. He also wanted to show me that there was no doubt about being an outside cat only as he then went straight for the couch and started clawing the back. So back to the basement....he will only be let inside under supervision. He can't wait to get back to his cabin I am sure.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It will be a Mini Cooper S !!!

I promised Go Postal I wouldn't buy one until he gets back from his mission trip to Honduras next week...but I didn't say I wouldn't start shopping. I drive cars a pretty long the fun factor of the Mini has won me over.
I am stripping the wallpaper and painting my master bath myself instead of hiring it done to start getting ready for the car payment!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Should I give up Fun to Drive for Gas Mileage or Spend the extra $$?

I have considered buying a used small save $$ at the pump and slow down the mileage on my Explorer. I still love my Explorer and will keep it for skiing/biking/trips. But just to go up and down the road to Go Postal's house a little car would make a lot of sense. Now the hard part, I can get a used Civic...basic transportation should get mid 30's on the highway. Or.....go for the fun option (which will cost about 4 times as much because they are much newer) and get the Mini Cooper....about the same mileage, but much cooler to drive. Thoughts?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Two Guys on the Couch

Zorro has really become an emotionally needy cat since he lost his big brother Z Kitty. Saturday afternoon was very windy and rainy so the guys just hung out a while watching "Flip it Back" on the HG Channel. We later scoped out the eave and found the gap where the still yet to be identified "critter" is getting in. Go Postal said the opening (and droppings yuck) we found are too little to be squirrel. I am telling myself it must be a chipmunk then, because if its a mouse I will have to move immediately!!!

Rebekah's Wedding

Rebekah and I worked together for several years before I took my new role about two years ago. I can still count on her to give me some help whenever I need it. It was like being at a little sister's wedding this weekend when she finally was married. She was beaming! Go Postal was a sport and went with me even though it was smack in the middle of his Saturday.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Learnin' New Skills

While Go Postal cut with his chainsaw, I loaded and moved the pieces to the large stack of firewood along the field. If my day job doesn't work out maybe I have discovered a new career. But, forget backing up with a trailer...if I can't get there by going forward then its not happening. Needless to say after working steady from 9 until about 6 I was wiped. And with daylight savings coming next weekend...I don't know if I can hang with him all day. Banjo has the right idea...he naps in the barn all day then shows up at dusk for his dinner.

I also learned a new word (I thought it was more of his Yadkin-ese but my Dad and Teen knew it to) Stob. We went looking for the stobs marking the corners of his property.