Thursday, March 8, 2012

Max is coming home!

Max is on his way home!  They have had a good trip it seems from his Daddy's facebook postings.  He was in a very nice orphanage in Shanghai that specifically dealt with children that have cleft palletes.  Because he was aslo cared for by so many ex-pats living in Shanghai I think his transition to the USA will be easier than the children who are living with Chinese foster families.  They have a facebook page that also allowed us to follow Max's progress...(although they called him Moses)

Go Postal and I can't wait to meet him as we are pretty sure whether we get a little girl or a little boy...Max will be their friend and a hiking/biking/skiing buddy.  His Mom and I have already discussed sharing a condo on a future ski club trip out West!


Becky G said...

O my... What a cutie! And what a hope filled post! All are in my prayers, including the blessed little one God is sending to you... Peace, b

quiltkeemosabe said...


Salem Stitcher said...

Sweet! I can't wait to meet him!