Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Walt Disney World

I Two days at the Magic Kingdom was plenty of time to wear Wade and Daddy out. For the most part it was a great trip and I loved just watching his face on each new ride or character greeting  

What I didn't anticipate was that he wouldn't sleep. It was about 11pm each night before he went to sleep in the camper. And during the day he is used to a two hour nap, but come on when you are at Disney there was too many sights and sounds to stay asleep for long. 
The park was decorated for Halloween and the campground was full of very expensive rv's outfited with all kinds of inflatables and lights. 

Honestly Wade would have had fun just staying at the campground and swimming and dancing with Chip and Dale at night. 

We did all the first time prerequisites...
Riding Dumbo
Meeting Characters
Driving on the speedway
Riding the carousel 

And of course parades, snacks and the castle!!

I am glad we went but next up will be a Disney cruise...where Mommy and Daddy can return feeling like we actually had a vacation !!!

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I'm enjoying Wade's excitement right along with him... so much fun! :) (Except for the not sleeping part!)