Monday, September 1, 2014

Fighting Nature Deficit Disorder

The This Labor Day we headed up to Stone Mt with Mary and her boys. Wade had a new pair of hiking boots to break in and it was nice to be in the woods a little while. We hiked to the bottom of the falls and cooled out feet. 

The post title refers to a quote from the author of Last Child on the Woods that I read a few years back. So many of our kids today have every minute scheduled and are not given much chance to explore nature like most of us did as kids.   

I know we too will have very busy lives as Wade gets into all his school aged activities but we hope to also foster in him a respect for God's natural beauty around him. 

And I love this photo (taken by Alden, with direction from Aunt Leanne) of Daddy, Mommy and Wade's boots!

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

So happy to know that you're actively fighting that disorder! Love the "boots"!